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Top 8-10 Book Characters I’d Love to Be Friends With

Is the theme from this week's Top Ten Tuesday post.

Disclaimer: for the YA novels, because I mentally become a teenager again when I read them, assume I am referring to being friends with them if I were their age. Also, wow, I did not intend for all of these to be of a blue/green color palette, but it looks neat, so neat that I picked an edition of Attachments specifically to blend in better.

In no particular order except what came to mind.

ttt friends2

1. Sloane and/or Emily (Since You've Been Gone - Morgan Matson)
Sloane loves shopping for vintage at flea markets. That ALONE makes me want to hang out with her. And according to my review, Emily is me, so that seems fun.

2. Tess (99 Days - Katie Cotugno)
We can bond over how much we hate Molly Barlow! (the main character of this book)

3. Sparrow Anderson (A Short Walk to the Bookshop - Aleksandra Drake)
I mean, she's basically me already, with the shyness and tendency toward anxiety and love of books and journaling and keeping her cozy house and being content with a simple retail job in her 30s. And her S.O. runs a secondhand bookshop.

P.S. This is my shameless plug for a self-published book that is never gonna get the attention it deserves but should, because it's SO GOOD and perfect for anyone who wants a cozy book featuring book-lovers.

4. Jessica & Beth (Attachments - Rainbow Rowell)
Just because they are HILARIOUS.

5. Frankie (In Real Life - Jessica Love)
She's the super-nicest girl in the world AND a social media star. Gotta be some fringe benefits there in addition to the general niceness. Like, at minimum, she can probably take a good picture of me.

6. April (April & Oliver - Tess Callahan)
Because my god, does this moderate disaster with destructive taste in men due to childhood trauma ever need a female friend. (I would particularly love to befriend her at the end, though, when her life is a bit more together)

7. Sayre Bellavia (Ordinary Beauty)
She's been through a lot of crap in her short life, unloved and neglected for most of it, yet she is remarkably resilient and patient and KIND. Also, at the end of the book she's living in a little country house with a dog and a cat, so I want to hang out there too.

8. Ciana Beauchamp (The Year of Luminous Love [and subsequent novels] - Lurlene McDaniel)
Not only did I already enviously love the friend trio in the book, Ciana has her own farm full of horses. Also a Hot Cowboy for me to admire safely from the friend zone and ship her with.

Aaaaand I'm just gonna leave it at 8 for now because I am Bad at remembering book characters I love and technically two of these a 2-for-1s.

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