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Reading Triage: LJ Version

I did one a week ago on Tumblr, so it's too soon to post again (not least because half of these books carried over), but after a miniature reading slump earlier this month, I've been racing through books like a mad thing (9 in 12 days already). MORE STORIES. STUFF THEM INTO MY BRAIN.  CONSUME THEM ALL, GREEDY BOOK MONSTER STYLE. And I think I read a couple of the good ones too fast, just because I was SO EXCITED to genuinely enjoy reading again, so I want to try and talk the next set out, maybe pace myself a tad.
And like my Tumblr post, these are in random order instead of how badly i want  to read them, so the second word of my title is a lie.

Girl Last Seen - Nina Laurin
I just watched "Captive," and was thinking how much I'd like a story about the aftermath from the girl's perspective. 24 hours later, I randomly went to look up the YA novel by this title that I read in 2017, and this title popped up first in the Goodreads search, being...a lot like what I asked for. An adult rather than a YA novel, but close enough.

Girl Online: Going Solo - Zoe Sugg
Just read book 2, goin' for the triple. I picked it up the very next day so I wouldn't have to wait, but even so, I enjoyed book 2 so much that the momentum has kind of crashed. I both don't want it to be over and am afraid to venture into a world where Noah is not only absent for a while, but not her boyfriend. He's always been the sole factor in elevating these books from 3-star reads.

The Road to Enchantment - Kaya Mclaren
Stumbled upon due to the appealing title while languidly strolling the stacks after fetching the Laurin book. Inherited farm + single pregnant woman? My jams.

Pretty Fierce - Kieran Scott
"Daughter of spies" is a pretty good hook, because I default to Chuck/Sarah as the parents, and even though they're missing in this book, the whole thriller plot about being on the run activates my interest, and what really sells it is that she's on the run with her doting boyfriend. Named Oliver. I have had such a good track record with Olivers in my fiction that I just trust it to mean quality automatically now.

Leftovers From Last Week
The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap: A Memoir of Friendship, Community, and the Uncommon Pleasure of a Good Book: I first checked this out 3 years ago, ran out of time and/or wasn’t quite in the right mood for it then, but always meant to go back. I’m definitely in the mood to read about opening a bookstore in a small town right now…or I was when I checked it out. Plots keep piling up and grabbing my attention.

Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters - Meredith Zeitlin: I’m really into thinking about people entering high school right now, kinda wishing I was back in that stage, so this is the headspace I want to be in.

Mariam Sharma Hits The Road - Sheba Karim: Lured by the bright cover, I came for the road trip aspect. Unsure if conversations about sexuality and/or cultural/religious identity will overwhelm  it. Pretty leery that they will. Reviews are not promising, but oftentimes people are morally outraged about things that I don’t notice. The same things can still annoy me for different reasons, though.

On The Way In
Hooked - Catherine Greenman: would be a reread, perhaps setting myself up for disappointment as I rated it 3 stars before, but I can’t remember anything except that it REALLY feels like that cannot be right and I would like it more on reread. Not sure if I'll end up reading it, though. Depends on how the other books go.

Tokyo Heist - Diana Renn: In the depths of my slump, I tried to stir up interest by coming up with library-owned titles of authors I have enjoyed before. Unsure if I wanna go to Japan, esp. now that I have all these other reading options, but we'll see.

Horrorstor - Grady Hendrix: I just love the cover so much. Not totally sure what the style is -- I have some ideas, but want to be surprised -- and am unsure if I'll fully appreciate it when I've never set foot in an Ikea (it's an urban myth as far as I'm concerned), but I at least wanna to look at it. I think it's gonna fit nicely on my "unique books" shelf.

The Speed of Life - J.M. Kelley: I don't usually take recs from the Thrift Books algorithm, but damned if this cover wasn't so compelling that I checked it out, and WAHEY if it ain't a bunch of my favorite YA tropes in one: twin sisters, teen parents (plot twist it's the twin sisters raising the baby together!), teenage heads of household, and a blue collar post-graduation path.

Plague Land: Reborn - Alex Scarrow: book 1 was awesome, and I wanna keep right on going. I'd like to finish the trilogy, but I think requesting a book published less than 3 months ago from Interlibrary Loan might be pushing my luck. I'll just have to hope I can remember the plot momentum when I request it next year without rereading.
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