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T-Swift And The Yet Another Album To Endure

"Lover" was released today, and I am a scowly-faced scowlpot that she couldn't do this BEFORE she decided to go the Taylor Daggers route with Reputation. Despite her continuing tradition of releasing (what I assume is) the absolute worst song of the album for her introductory single -- I refuse to listen to it because the lyrics look basic & I don't want to be anywhere near anything Brendan Urine is -- she is appealing and appealing well to the daydream pink-and-blue aesthetic that is in right now, the on that I find so utterly irresistible I may or may not have spent an hour or so captivated by in the school supply section of Target last week.

Everything about the look of this album calls out to me to love it. Lots of appealing-looking track titles -- The Archer, the title track, Cornelia Street, Daylight. And so MANY tracks -- 18 for the standard! The promise of diary entries with deluxe editions is, indeed, a key hook for my 'give me ALL the trinkets' desires. It is begging me to let loose and let go to the beautiful time when I loved everything she did and a new album meant guaranteed bliss. Unconfirmed rumors may exist that I have secretly heard "You Need To Calm Down" and found it surprisingly satisfying, despite its over the top sheen of "look how totally awesome and valid I think non-heterosexual people are!!" desperation.

Since I forgave her for the short hair and everything else about 1989 (except Shake It Off), I feel certain that if this has been her follow-up to that one, while I stil would have resisted her ostentatious in-your-face wokeness of the day, I would have happily come around after a very mild quarantine period. I can't entirely say that I won't still do that, given how long 1989 took and how badly I want to.

But god, every time I Almost Do, I realize I cannot get over the disaster that was Reputation. I still have not heard one second of any of the songs on that one (thanks for being a mild radio flop finally!), and the lyrics I know about are enough to keep it that way. I also did not care for her apparently obliterating the content of her Instagram to hype her mysterious Change before its full horrors were revealed -- people who burn their social media presence to the ground for a fresh start, particularly when you're abruptly taking away photos or creative work from fans you know enjoy it, get zero respect from me.

In conclusion, that is a hole it is going to take some time for her to earn her way out from, and 21 months is certainly not enough.

But I'm gonna sit on the sidelines and be a little smad about it all the same.
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