RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Saturday Sum-Up

My plan to do these on the regular sure did fail, didn't it? are some popular media things I've been up to for the past 4-6 weeks.

  • Aoife Scott came back to the Irish Fair, so I am obsessed with her new album (which she signed! to me personally! when I got to meet her after the Friday night show and tell her how much I loved her music, earning myself a hug!), as well as back to being enchanted by general YouTube clips of her performing on TV shows and at live events and concerts, and of course her Instagram. May or may not be on a casual quest to find Ireland-set contemporary novels with female leads.

  • Watching Good Omens. I am five out of six episods in while on a watch project with fiance, and even though the entire miniseries was completely spoiled for me before I began -- or at least, every scene Crowley and/or Aziraphale are in, which I allowed at the time because I didn't figure I was ever actually going to watch it myself -- and it is absolutely as awesome as everyone says.

  • Finished Blood & Treasure and it's PERFECT. Absolutely as fun as Zoo while having a totally different but possibly better (by virtue of getting more focus) OTP. So excited for more next year!

  • Becoming Absolutely Obsessed with a whole bunch of books/book couples**. It's been a really long time since I was able to get so genuinely invested in a couple whose faces I couldn't see. And, okay, technically I am cheating because all the adult books are getting cast in a Ned/Chuck mold, BUT I fell for the teens in Pretty Fierce all on their own merit despite the fact that this is the first time I've ever that I've found a couple who actually reasonably remind me of Deeks & Kensi.

  • **April & Oliver, the Girl Online trilogy (which I started last year), A Short Walk to the Bookshop, Pretty Fierce and newcomer From Sand and Ash are all my current beloveds, and all are from the past month or so. The Opposite of Love is another one I've really enjoyed where the characters worked on their merit.

  • I found some NewsRadio episodes on YouTube, a show I have always loved but not seen in over a decade, and I spent a few weeks happily obsessed w/ random episodes from season 3 and 5

  • I've also gotten re-hooked on random Seinfeld episodes to get me to sleep. that's gotta be a lifetime top ten show for me in terms of how I absolutely never, ever get tired of it.

  • And if not that, then oftentimes Forensic Files eps on Netflix. Perfect sleepytime fare, right? True crime murders?? Good thing I am usually only listening instead of watching, because some of the bloodied bodies shown look concerningly like real and uncensored crime scene photos. (a quick Google search confirms this)

  • Today I learned Lizzie Maguire is getting a revival series?? and I am afraid. I was always a little too old to be the target audience for this show, not least because it was on cable that I didn't have, but I would often see it while babysitting this one girl who loved it, and I was really enchanted by the concept, and by Lizzie as a character. So, okay, maybe the new series doesn't have much it can hurt me about -- honestly, to the best of my knowledge I have ZERO emotional investment in anyone or anything but her; maybe this is actually an ideal way to watch? because this way I just get more of her? -- but I still don't trust any revivals for a single inch.

  • Mike Vogel has a potential pilot for ABC in 2020 called Triangle, in which he plays a former foster kid who is now a single father to a teenage girl and freshly engaged, and the premise is...well, read it for yourself; I had a Mild Emotional Freakout about how badly I need it to be verifiably signed to series.


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