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How was your day 20 years ago? (9/9/99)

Saw this cool post on Reddit and decided to bring it over here since I still don't have an account there (USERNAMES + COMMENT HISTORY ARE A COMMITMENT, MAN). Would be awesome if other people answered (probably in a much shorter fashion, unless you're doing a post on your own blog). As for me, ah you'll see:

I was a week into 8th grade and it was going really well -- I liked most of my teachers, classes and classmates, especially the fact that my communications (English equivalent) teacher was new, young, super nice, and basically designed my dream curriculum. My crush was in all but 1 of my classes and my girlcrush was in 5. I had a bunch of cute new clothes for the school year and my hair was as long as it is now (although I unfortunately had just cut my own bangs out of frustration, so they were still ridiculously short after being evened out by a hairdresser).

And I can tell you w/ 100% certainty, straight from the pages of a planner I have just opened up, what I did with my school day that Thursday:

Planner Details
Industrial tech: Mechanical Power module lesson
Gym: Badminton [we had band on alternating days]
Science: Learning about monarch caterpillars/getting our own to raise from an egg
Math: algebra
Communications: Discussing/choosing our options for the next group book study (wish I'd written down what it was! But we read exclusively middle grade/YA novels)
Geography: Working on creating maps
French: numbers and basic phrases

Homework: collect milkweed to feed caterpillar, finish map assignment, get or make a cover for math textbook

Other Details
I kept a journal as well, so lemme just pull that out...seems the only entry I made that day was at 9:09 AM, noting the coolness of the date, but my entry the next morning confirms that after school, Mom got me the new issue of Teen People [I still have it] and the "Runaway Bride" soundtrack [this I do not], and that in addition to reading the magazine, I was working on newly-started AU Power Rangers fanfic Trinity of Avians. We can assume I did some sim horse club stuff online, too.
Tags: nostalgia

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