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Book Conquests

Backdating this post in late summer because I MEANT to take a photo of my haul before making this post, but weeks went by and I never did, and I'm too lazy to do so now either, but I want to do it before I forget what I bought, SO!

Way back at the beginning of June, Chris brought me to the Big Fancy Fundraiser Book Sale that is farther than I can drive myself unless I want to spend an hour in transit each way going around the cities. I had more time than I did last year -- over 2 hours, comfortably -- plus I didn't wait until the last day, so I had all the time in the world to browse the young adult section. I cleaned the hell up on 90s-and-earlier teen/juvenile paperbacks, just like I dreamed of doing last year.

They were all so small! And compact! Surely they would take up no room at all on my overflowing shelves, I said, as I greedily and giddily tumbled book after book into my bag, grabbing old titles from my high school reading lists to review (ones that have so little info on Amazon/Goodreads it's hard to even tell what they're about), and occasionally even books I'm excited to own.


  1. Battlecry Forever! - Joanna Cambell (IT'S KINDA LIKE THOROUGHBRED but a standalone - I think I've read it but either way, horse book)

  2. The Brightest Light - Colleen O'Shaughnessy McKenna (90s contemporary, read & don't remember it)

  3. The Callender Papers - Cynthia Voight (historical mystery? read & don't remember it)

  4. Dancing on the Edge - Han Nolan (contemporary; read & remember just enough to know I don't want to keep it, but it bugs me that I can't remember enough to explain its plot or write a Goodreads review)

  5. Eight Keys - Suzanne LaFleur (I've been wanting to read this and local libraries don't have it)

  6. Four Miles to Pinecone - Jon Hassler (we did a unit on this in 6th grade. Totally unforgettable story. Super-thin little book. Which is probably how I accidentally bought two copies. At the same time.)

  7. Jane Gibbs, "Little Bird That Was Caught" - Anne E. Neuberger (Native American/pioneers; read & don't remember it)

  8. Just Horses - Margot Page, in a compact gift size edition, which is perfect! I love this photoessay book SO MUCH. [edit: wait wait wait, Barnes & Noble. What do you mean "abridged and condensed them"?! NO! Ugh. Fine, then I'll have to replace this someday I guess.]

  9. Junkett - Anne H. White (vintage dog story I've always wanted to read. copy is in rough shape, though...)

  10. The Last Trip of the Magi - Michael Lorinser (self-published, signed, but mostly I just want to read it, because winter survival...maybe? looking at it more carefully it seems like Christian allegory and maybe a surefire read-and-release)


  12. The Secret in the Old House - Judith St. George (what a fun looking mystery! former title The Chinese Puzzle of Shag Island, which sounds slightly, just slightly, extremely dirty and possibly about orgies so I can see why they changed it)

  13. The Tormentors - Lynn Hall (I FINALLY SCORED A LYNN HALL. Unfortunately, turns out it's very boring and I'm debating not even keeping it.) [edit: boom! donated]

  14. Winners - Mary-Ellen Lang Collura (horse/modern Native American book; read & don't remember it)

I think I forgot one or two, because I know I spent a little over $20 and the above only comes to $19, but they're not with the rest of the set so I guess I'll add them if and when I recognize them. ETA: Wait...maybe the remainder was because I bought boyfriend's handful of things for him? I know he didn't get very much...
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