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Ten Books On My TBR I’m Avoiding Reading

For this week's Top Ten Tuesday -- awesomely suggested by one of her blog's readers -- I limited it to books that are actively available to me (owned by me or libraries in-state, or available for under $4), but which I've still been putting off for at least six months.


1. Pegasus - Marilyn Holdsworth
Why I want to read it: Romance between a widow and an older lawyer, drawn together by "rescuing a badly injured horse." So many good keywords!!
Why I haven't: Age difference is a solid trope, but it has more impact when I have an OTP on a TV show to match, and I'm not yet sure who to cast in this.

2. Letters to the Lost - Brigid Kemmerer
Why I want to read it: Quality teen boy(s) + male friendship
Why I haven't: I found Wired Man and Other Freaks of Nature first and that topped me off perfectly. I'm always eventually in desperate need of a good male protagonist in YA, but right now I've got plenty of books to occupy me and I definitely don't want to spoil this golden egg before I need it.

3. A Thousand Boy Kisses - Tillie Cole
Why I want to read it: Promises to be a tearjerker. Potential to Hurt So Good.
Why I haven't: This looks like a novel I'd like -- but not love. In order to read it, I'd have to call it in from Interlibrary Loan, and I usually prefer to save that hassle for books I REALLY REALLY want.

[edit: actually, writing up the draft of this post last week made me cave and order it after more than 3 years of it being on the list. The weekly theme works!!]

4. The Horse Dancer - Jojo Moyes
Why I want to read it: Horsey! From a popular author.
Why I haven't: It's just such a very long book (500 pages) for something that is more "wow, Moyes actually has a book that looks palatable to me" than "wow I wanna read that right now."

5. Appaloosa Summer - Tudor Robins
Why I want to read it: HORSEY YA
Why I haven't: It's an e-book, and since I continue to not own an e-reader and have more important things to read on a computer screen than books (which are supposed to be my break from it), it continues to wait for that situation to change.

6. Forever, Interrupted - Taylor Jenkins Reid
Why I want to read it: Potential to Hurt So Good from a popular author. Looks well-written.
Why I haven't: Every time I read a few pages, my heart goes, "Nope. Don't like that." (But I do, heart, you just gotta grow a pair and think about it as self-growth journey instead of a ruined romance.)

7. Beginner's Luck - Laura Pedersen
Why I want to read it: Sixteen-year-old from a large family strikes out on her own and lands a cool job as live-in yard caretaker for a rich woman. That's a life I want to try on!
Why I haven't: It's long (368 pages in small font). And it's the first in a quartet, which I'd like to read all at once if I like the first book, which means really long. "Why read long book when two short books do?", to paraphrase Kevin Malone.

8. Hit and Run - Norah McClintock
Why I want to read it: A teacher mentoring/looking out for one of his students outside of school is just such a good dynamic.
Why I haven't: It's a hard dynamic to find when you're looking for it, so I'm saving it for when I'm in JUST the right mood.

9. My Life As A Country Album - L.J. Evans
Why I want to read it:
"a novel inspired by Taylor Swift songs" is basically my dream concept.
Why I haven't: It's self published and I can't quite tell if it's new adult or YA, and unless I confirm it has no explicit scenes, I'm not spending money on it. Plus the paperback is out of my price range relevant to my excitement levels, so it'd have to be an e-book.

10. A Golden Web - Barbara Quick
Why I want to read it:
Cover love + a girl being awesome in history (first female anatomist) + a boy who loves her regardless of her defiance of gender roles.
Why I haven't: I have a weird tendency to go "NOOOO, BORING" every time I suggest myself a historical novel but fail to start it within a week of finding it, EVEN WHEN I HAVE SPECIFICALLY PICKED IT OUT AS SOUNDING INTERESTING, and even when I have like a 90% success rate on liking the occasional historical novel I decide to read.
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