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I have Acquired Some Things!

It's rained all week, but last week I went to a garage sale and I spent $1 on a necklace (simple homemade craft but super cool looking, pretty paper featuring a bird silhouette against the back of a clear plastic square) and 25 cents for a December 1969 issue of Teen Magazine -- when my mom was 17! I was so excited to show it to her, and she was equally excited to browse through it. Especially the ads. "I USED THAT!!" she kept exclaiming over various products.

And today, because -- among the many fandom things I have failed to mention, I finally finished Good Omens, attempted to briefly join the main shipping faction because David Tennant's Amazing Face of Emotions & Feelings is too good to go to waste, and then just gave up and went into a full Doctor Who Ten/Rose spiral yesterday -- I trucked home a sizeable stack of anything Tennant-featured I could find in stock at the local library, including:

-Doctor Who, seasons 2, 3 and the specials (I had to give up on 4 because I didn't wanna go to the other library and hit rush hour traffic). Also seriously debated buying season 2 for $20 at Half Price Books, which is the lowest I've ever seen it and there are no discount days for at least a month, but somehow resisted.

-The Sarah Jane Adventures, season 3. Four was at a far-away library, I couldn't seem to find 5 on the shelf, and the library has apparently purged 1 and 2 (RUDE AND NOT GINGER), but this is the one with Ten, so it works out.

-Bad Samaritan, which I was JUST wishing I could see after I watched the trailer online! I've long since made my peace with his weird talent for playing a sociopath; GIMME THE HORROR/THRILLER.

-A random children's fantasy novel because NO ONE TOLD ME HE WAS OUT HERE NARRATATING NON-WHO AUDIOBOOKS; HAVE I NOT SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED AUDIOBOOKS NARRATED BY CELEBRITIES I LOVE IN THE PAST?? Anyway, the books themselves look...terrible? Honestly terrible, in terms of being relevant to my interests. Would not touch, much less finish, them on my own. I know this because I'm 1 out of 5 discs into one and still nonplussed by the story. But I will sit still for a bedtime story in a brogue + funny voices, if those are the only free options available to me, and it appears that they are.

There are actually still more options to comb through -- for example, I've almost gotten over how bad Gracepoint was enough to try Broadchurch --but I figured that was enough to chew on for the time being. Oh! I forgot:

-My Oxford Year, an age-appropriate student/teacher novel which I had previously rejected for both suspicious probability of "starts with a hookup" and/or "is mostly about physical chemistry" as well as lack of any British actors I was interested in to play the part of the professor. I'M IN THE MARKET NOW, GOVERNOR. I mean, I'm still leery about the hookup aspect, but British prof/student is exactly the real-world dynamic I'm going for here.

Was a little disappointed to realize the student was American -- no, listen, I did not come here for self-insert!! -- but then I found out that Melissa Benoist!!! was cast for the movie version (that apparently came first, as a screenplay, and doesn't seem to have come to fruition), so I'M GOOD, THANKS. Although now I'm having a bit of trouble ignoring the fact that That Guy From Outlander was cast as the professor, because crud, that's a good option too.

Meanwhile, Lisa Grunwald's Time after Time FINALLY came in and I'm, like, cursing up and down the hall because I had just about gotten out of my Ned/Chuck cycle -- this one looked perfect for them, with the peculiar obstacles and all -- and as good as it looks, I don't really wanna wrest myself out of my new headspace right now. It's been so long since I had Tennant at the head of the Handsome Men's Club, and I don't want to lose my fragile grip on this new mine of untapped potential.

P.S. I love how literally yesterday I was like, "OKAY, I'm gonna read my last seven library books and then I'm BANNING MYSELF FROM THE LIBRARY and I am ONLY gonna read books I own until I get rid of at least ten!!" Whoops. I told you, I have to lock myself in a cabin w/ no internet in order not to find new things I want to read. Those Reddit posts like "how do you guys find new books you want, it's so hard for me" are the most wild things I've ever seen in my life.
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