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Stop Happenin' September!!

The next 3 weeks or so are going to be bonkers fun. And I'm going to forget to do most of these things if I don't write them all down. I already have little to no confidence in my ability to not be destroyed by work and let it ruin most of these plans, because OF COURSE I'm on the schedule next weekend, the worst possible September weekend, but oh well.

I have one week to get my work under control and prepare for all this...

[whining about how so far I'm failing at that, which you can easily skip to get to the good stuff!]btw, stellar start as right now, what should be a free weekend by 1 PM is instead "I'm on no sleep and I still have to make 3 follow-up calls for massive problem shops where the people have to go back to the store and redo some part of it," which means the soonest they can get edited is tonight, AND at least 2 of them are probably going to be people answering "I have the photos!" and then me looking at the photos and saying, "No, these are the same garbage that is not acceptable, go back," which means I have to check up on my email all day to make sure they're ready to go back tomorrow because I was too tired to get these reviewed yesterday. (in my defense, it took a nonstop 2 hours and 40 minutes just to a) finish editing 2 shops like this and b) review these additional 3, and I still haven't finished the contact email for one.)
Edit: Imma go ahead and strike out the one I didn't manage to get to.

9/20 (Friday): Library sale in H----, about a 25-mile drive each way. Hopefully will also have time to visit the Salvation Army in this town and, if the weather's nice, FINALLY WALK ON SOME TRAILS IN THE AREA. Goal is to leave between 10 AM and noon and not come back until 6-7pm.

9/20: If I don't do that...there is also a family festival at a local church with a free petting zoo. ANIMALS vs. BOOKS is the worst choice.

9/21: Estate sale at this splendid palace of a historic house. (w/ parents)
ETA: Also, we went out to eat @ a restaurant!

9/22: Estate sale part 2, if I love the house, w/ boyf fiance, and a trail-walking day in the town

9/23: 6pm downtown library, Historical Society presentation: 100 years of [the hometown high school]

9/25: Library sale in S----.

9/25: Survivor also starts tonight!

9/27: Homecoming parade downtown @ 3 PM! get downtown asap, like preferably by 2 PM. (8-10 minute drive)

9/27: Homecoming game! I haven't been to a football game since I was in high school. But I've listened to the games across the road ever since. I wanna go back!!

9/28: All-School Reunion festivities, 9 AM-1 PM

9/28: Unlikely this will happen because it's a 45-minute drive  BUT there is an open house @ an alpaca farm....

9/27-28: Also unlikely , but there is a cool annual church sale in St. Paul near some antique stores

9/27-29: Library sale in WSP

9/29: Hometown's annual historic house tour MAYBE THIS IS THE YEAR I FINALLY SIGN UP??

9/28-29: Like 4 different estate sales, including one in a historic French Tudor mansion.

9/28-29: Annual art fair in Afton

[basically, what happened here was I burned out on Wednesday this week from the no-days-off work weekend, after going to the reunion thing (boring! not worth it!!! not even for the mere hour I was there!), the soonest I could take a break from work on Saturday was an hour before everything 25-45 minutes away closed, so I gave up and wasted my evening on stupid places like the dollar store and target, and by the time I came back to work and finished it was 1 AM, and since I have basically no access to my own car until 11 on Sundays and this Sunday dad was going to the art fair AND Chris was too burned out to drive me anywhere, I just got frustrated and stayed up too late because I didn't particularly want to go the art fair, and I didn't buy a house tour ticket in advance because on Friday I had decided I was going to do the things I hadn't done on Friday on Sunday instead of the house tour, before I knew about the art fair.]

9/30: Dog-sit for the day

10/3: I have two non-renewable library books that need to be read by 8:30 PM so I can return them, so uh...focus, self! At least one, anyway. The other one will let us abuse the no regular-late-fees privilege.

10/4: BOOK CHRISTMAS (Half Price Books Clearance Event)


10/6: SACRIFICING Book Christmas Part III to visit a historic riverfront mansion & walk their pretty grounds for free on their monthly open house day, possibly the last until April unless they follow through on their hope to do multiple free days in October.
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