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TTT: Favorite Things to Eat/Drink While Reading

Original topic/party post here. Thanks, Jana's mom! (for suggesting the fun topic)
Full disclosure: I rarely actually eat or drink while reading, unless I'm reading during a meal. It always sounds so nice, but then I get wrapped up in the story and forget! So these are more like "things I most often intend to try consuming while I read."

Also, I may or may not be planning on skipping dinner the night before so as to have plenty of room to enjoy the cravings I very much hope you all give me. Please deliver. I have a worrisome feeling I'm going to see a lot of "I don't eat or drink while reading, but here's my alternate topic!" instead.

1. A Fancy Coffee Drink
Straight from a coffee shop (or McDonald's) is best, but DIY drinks at home are good too. Hot for cold weather, iced for warm. Sixteen-ouncers preferred.

2. Anything Hot Served In A Bowl
Whether it's soup, pasta or a steaming bowl of chicken, veggies, and rice (actually that's pretty much all I make that goes in a bowl), there's immense pleasure in sitting at a table and consuming a warm, satisfying amount of food that only requires one hand in action, and doesn't leave you needing to wipe your fingers afterward.

3. Sandwich & Diet Coke
This combo is the ideal lunch. And what makes lunch more ideal than reading a book while you consume it?

4. Fruit-Flavored Tea
Similar to option 1, but lower cal. so u can drink more of it (A thousand thanks to The Teashop Girls for convincing me to make my longstanding dream of becoming a tea enthusiast a reality!)

5. A Cheese Platter + Wine (any kind but red. I am not that sophisticated yet and do not care to be.)
I decided I needed this while reading The Lost Vintage, and I highly recommend it for any other French settings.

6. Baked Potato Chips
Great by themselves or paired with one or both parts of option 3, I appreciate that they aren't nearly as greasy as most chips.

7. Kettle Corn
Regular salty popcorn is good. But only for movies. Sweet-n-savory kettle corn is where it's at for certain kinds of reading; don't argue, these are the laws of book thermodynamics.

8. Beef Jerky
Jerky is an annoyingly expensive but absolutely delicious Anytime snack. It lasts forever, if you can make yourself savor it, which I think is easier to do while reading than during any other activity.

9. A Big Salad ("you had to have the BIIIIIIIIG salad!")
Similar to number 2, so I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner, I love tucking into a great big bowl of crunchy greens with some extras (salad kits are the best thing ever), while getting lost in someone else's life.

10. Goldfish Crackers
Admittedly stolen from OP. But only because I forgot. They're cheesy, they're crispy, they make you feel like an apex predator of the sea. What's not to love?

Weirdly enough, I have an ENORMOUS sweet tooth, but for some reason I don't really crave desserts while reading? I mean, I'm not going to DECLINE a brownie or soft chocolate chip cookie if offered, I just can't get as excited about pairing them with a book as I can for the above. Maybe because sugar dissolves so quickly that it's hard to savor, unless it's hard candy (which isn't my fave), and you can't really eat very much quantity-wise, so it's less "while reading" and more "take a brief pause to eat."

Anyway...which ones do you agree with me on?

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