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Back in the Whoniverse

I've already missed several action-packed days of EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS because I spat half-formed versions all over Tumblr instead, but last night I went through a bunch of posts under my various Doctor Who tags and remembered how much I love having all my thoughts on things stored in one place w/ uniform, easily-accessible tags -- not to mention how well my old reviews serve as personalized episode guides when I've forgotten where to go (it's been TEN YEARS since I finished discovering the original territory. TEN. Like the number of the best and final Doctor).

So. We're going to pick up where we are, and just start the stream of consciousness recording.

  • Started w/ Sarah Jane Adventures season 3 -- Ten's appearance. Lord but I still love that 1 minute of part 2 with him & Luke

  • Some Rude Person has attempted to request all of SJA out from under me -- WHO is having a feelings renaissance on my exact timetable?! AM I CROSSING MY OWN TIMELINE? -- but I went to the Slow-Ass library myself and scooped season 4 off the shelf before their request/transfer departments got to it, more than 24 hours after the reuest was made.

  • Then I rewatched "Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith" and promptly drowned myself in an ocean of tears remembering how Too Real this episode is. Absolutely amazing, just hurtful.

  • For a while now, I've been wondering if I would still consider Sladen's autobiography a 5-star read, because I don't remember much of it. The answer, after 2 episodes of this show and not even rereading any excerpts, is OH HELL YES. Literally two episodes and I'm all verklempt in a sudden rush of remembering the feeling that that book validated my perception of her as amazing.

  • After YEARS of them being the bane of my music-shuffling existence, I'm completely obsessed with the Doctor Who soundtracks again -- every instrumental track a unique individual personality, complete with associated imagery, and invigorating feelings. They're a large part of what inspired me to work on the book cleanout, actually.

  • Random aside, as I'm thinking about the pleasure of viewing The Doctor's Daughter for the first time since I first saw it, I am just so tickled that David Tennant & Georgia Moffet are not only still married, but have a whole mess of moppets together and another on the way as we speak.

  • I have now watched The Doctor's Daughter and first of all, I somehow forgot about Jenny "dying," and second of all things are VERY AWKWARD in my brain right now because I forgot about him explicitly calling her his daughter...while the Real Life Shipping Radar refuses to shut off. NOT COOL, BRAIN. Not cool.

  • Update: I have exposure-therapied my way through this scene 3 times and I think my brain is finally willing to separate the two forms of squee so that I only see one at a time, and honestly now my biggest complaint is a slight cringe over remembering that are, in fact, times where he is just SO. OVER. WROUGHT. Part of me is like "yesssss nothing is too much, this is my guity pleasure," and the other part is like "you could take it down a notch."

Tags: doctor who, sarah jane adventures

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