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NCIS: LA, Season 9: Part 1/?

FUN FACTS: I have checked this DVD out at LEAST 8 times at this point in an attempt to finish reminding myself what all happened this year, and I can't seem to get past January. I wish I had just done bite-sized reactions from the beginning, or maybe TAKEN NOTES FOR MYSELF ALONG THE WAY WHILE IT WAS AIRING, but whatever, this is what I've got now, I guess.)

So, following my prologue to this writeup...

9x01, Party Crashers: I've watched this episode twice and I still can't remember the plot. I did enjoy Deeks having to work in the kennel, and the ribbing from his former boss. Other thoughts:

-I think it is ridiculously silly that Deeks would have tried to hide his official engagement from his mama, but all was forgiven for the hysteria of Deeks finding out firsthand that his mother and her "trainer" are friends with benefits, if you know what she means ("the sex" / "MOM!"), while Mama Deeks takes her revenge in the form of torturing him about it.

-So that's a "no" on "is anyone gonna explain why Eric is stalking Nell in a giant avocado costume," then? [edit: was it just Eric practicing how to be undercover? for the purpose of a random sight gag?]
# I have another question: wtf # literally what was the purpose of this scene # helpful hint: if you want to show them outside of work # they can just be like making out in a park somewhere I'm fine with that # LISTEN YOU BROUGHT IT TO THE TABLE

-"Gone are the days where you shoot first and ask questions later," Mosley says. I love how this will have zero effect on their shooting/murder rate and also no actual repercussions.

9x02, Se Murio El Payaso: Anna is adorable while playing video games in Callen's room. Nice to see Agent Beauchamp again as well. Always fun when Sam goes undercover as a high rollin' Rich Guy.

9x03, Assets: Baby naaaames! The only plot that matters today is Deeks making a semi-serious speech about retiring from this life and getting jobs that don't involve being in regular contact with people who want them dead. "I can't imagine kissing our daughter goodbye in the morning and then we spend the rest of the day wondering if one of us is going to get shot." Also, I love that Deeks is so enchanted about the idea of a potential daughter and Kensi's like, "Yes, I would be a great mom to a boy," because those both make sense, but they would also both be really good the other way around. I have no idea what the show will ultimately do on that front (although I feel like the universe has very clearly spoken, twice, as to what number, gender and birth order of children these faces should produce and I wouldn't mind some follow-through)

I also quite enjoy Kensi shooting down Deeks' suggestion of "Princess Beyonce Sunshine Deeks" and offering up  Athena instead. *slams book* It is law! Athena Blye would be badass*. Also I love Deeks' smug grin when Kensi realizes he got her to, however inadvertently, say out loud that she would be a great mom.

(*HEADCANON MOMENT: I have very strong opinions that Kensi should both keep her maiden name and pass it on to their kids because it's just nicer-sounding, darn it, and it hasn't been worn out from use as a first name. I know the most likely scenario is I get my first wish but not the second, but it's nice to dream.)

9x04, Plain Sight: Callen, Sam and Mosley dress All Fancy for an undercover op, and Deeks accidentally joyrides in Mosley's Porsche after mistaking it for one up for grabs in the motor pool after their nice ride gets all shot up. (side note: god those are ugly cars. I always forget what they look like, because surely something so high-end and supposedly luxury brand could not be so lumpy and weird-oblong-shaped).

+Undated Live Viewing Note Circa October: Do what you gotta do with Mosley, show, but I hope we can move quickly past this requisite posturing period before I regret the mole storyline being over. Props for pointing out how unrealistically murderous this team is, I guess, but also: you've been playing it that way for 8 years; what exactly made you suddenly self-conscious.

9x05, Mountebank: Sam goes undercover again, we get some amazing and loltastic Arkady scenes, and Deeks decides to give Man Jewelry a try. Further hilarity ensues.

9x06, Can I Get A Witness?: I was half asleep when this aired and I was like, "well, clearly this show requires no emotional investment until sweeps so that's fine." BIG MISTAKE! A Deeks feature, specifically featuring Deeks being let out on Whiting's leash to rat on his ex-partner (who is in fact actually still a good guy), and it's amazing. In case that wasn't enough, we get GIRL BONDING a.k.a. Kensi helping Nell train her knife fighting skills (we get a "thanks, lady" and everything), AND ALSO we hear about how the girls have a nonagenarian tour of ball parks (to eat delicious hot dogs, once they are old enough not to care about being healthy) planned.

9x07, The Silo: oh no. we're gonna skip over this one for the time being because it was the first truly amazing one all year, and is still one of the best, and it requires more emotional investment than I've got today.

9x08, This Is What We Do: Big Old Episode 200 -- which actually, to be honest, remains overshadowed by 199.

In which we meet Nell's sister (she is...exhausting), Nell calls Eric her "adorable little sugar monkey" in response to him being hopped up on the Count Chocula, aaaand we get the beautiful scenes of Kensi being rattled by what's-his-face's transfer, Deeks' concern about her emotional well being, and Kensi facing out on the beach, letting what happened to her last year go.
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