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Library Sale Conquests

Sale #1
I skipped off to the library sale in the town of H---- like I planned, and very pickily spent exactly $3 on the following (admirably resisting The Fate of Mercy Alban because I know I don't need to own that right now):

1. Compact Scholastic paperback edition of Candy Stripers, my very beloved darling 1950s teen novel that I never expected to find in the wild! (featuring: an edition with a cover image not yet on Goodreads)
2. Kelly Clarkson's best album, "Stronger"
3. A probable read-and-release book, I'm Your Biggest Fan: Awkward Encounters and Assorted Misadventures in Celebrity Journalism by Kate Coyne, because it was just so irresisitbly fun looking, set at the beginning of when I first started to care about pop culture but was too young to track most of the actual celebrity news, and I saw a story about her meeting Mariska Hargitay when I flipped through it.

(later that day I also spent $3 at a secondhand store for Alanis Morissette's "Jagged Little Pill: Acoustic Version," partly because it was a neat concept I didn't know existed and partly to reward the store for having RAGDOLL CATS. Two gorgeous, incredibly soft, super friendly Ragdoll store cats who came right up to me and eagerly accepted petting.)

EDIT -- sale #2
I spent another $3, the apparently magic number...

The Ghost Walker - R.D. Lawrence: a possible read-and-release nonfiction book by the author of the awesome The Zoo That Never Was, about studying a wild puma. It is basically a pristine and untouched hardcover with a cool line drawing cover not yet on Goodreads.

The Shadow Year - Hannah Richell: also read-and-release, a paperback ex-library by an author I recognized as one from a book on my TBR, Peacock Summer, because OLD COUNTRY HOUSE / INHERITED HOUSE RENOVATION?? YEAH! The library probably still has a copy, but just in case they didn't, I thought I'd grab this.

(2020 edit: not read-and-release. read and keep forever because it's amazing)

For Real - Allison Cherry: random read-and-release (maybe) ex-library YA novel, because sisters + fictionalized Amazing Race + cute cover. (2020 edit: gonna keep this for the forseeable future too)

...and a cute juvenile novel I can't find right now. Something about a mystery and a cat.

Also it was AGONYYYY to have to put back Ren Poortvliet's Noah's Ark for a mere $1 -- but it was MASSIVE, we're talking 2 feet tall, and I simply don't have the space (Dad, as soon as I told him about this: oh, we would have found space! for something like that? / Me: *headdesk*). It was also slightly water damaged on the dust jacket, hardly noticeable because it was wrapped in plastic library wrap, but enough to let me put it back. (WITH PAIN!! because buying one of those online, well, it would be a bitch to ship, and buying it in a secondhand bookstore, they're gonna mark up the price to $10-20 at least. That's a "$50 retail" book if I ever saw one, though I don't think it is in print anymore)

EDIT -- quasi-sale #3
I made the foolish mistake of stopping in the bookstore corner of the library for more than five seconds, so two more jumped into my arms for $2.50 total:

Root, Petal, Thorn - Ella Joy Olsen: IDK about the Mormon angle, but I do K about a recently widowed mom of two tackling home improvement projects in their recently purchased dream house of a 1920s bungalow and "uncovering clues about previous inhabitants."

Heart's Desire - Laura Pedersen: Pristine (not even ex-library!) paperback sequel to Beginner's Luck, a book I still want to read, and thus thought I should grab because it's getting older and IDK how long the library will retain a copy, especially of the sequels.

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