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Now I'm fourfive seconds from wildin'...

That is of course an inaccurate statement, as WHOOPS I failed to hold myself accountable on the daily and have now been wilding about Doctor Who / David Tennant for almost another fortnight without tracking what I've been doing outside of Tumblr, so here's what I've got off the top of my head. [eta: finally decided to un-privatize this post a week later, don't make me regret it]

  • I had to quick finish up my favorite-episode rewatches of Sarah Jane Adventures before returning the last DVD, and that's when I realized I never got the season 5 DVD out of the library before. I got 2 minutes into "Goodbye Bannerman Road: Remembering Elisabeth Sladen" and had to shut it off because I was in tears. THE STORY GOES ON...FOREVER. The end.

  • David Tennant's video diaries are a GEM. I never saw the ones from season 4 / the 2009 specials

  • Specifically -- bye, gotta go cry about the one where he turns the lens on Lis in 4x12/13 and she is just super introspective and lovely and solemn about what it's like being here. She's Soft and I love her so much.

  • I cried over John Smith / Joan Redfern some more (I love how that never stops working!), and wished very hard that they would be costars in something else so I could love their faces in a less heartbreaking way.

  • I wished so hard that I apparently went back in time and wished it into existence, because LOOK WHO'S PLAYING THE MARRIED PARENTS IN "THERE SHE GOES."

  • I was uncertain about how well I would take to a show centered on a...what's the proper term? Learning-disabled? child. I don't know any in real life and I avoid the unfamiliar whenever possible. Luckily, the show is is set on explaining exactly how that kind of family works to people like me, featuring a mother who starts off unable to feel any love for her baby, only duty of care. I just watched 4 episodes all in a row because it was so amazing (saving the last one because I don't want to be done yet).

  • OH WAIT there are more episodes?? YOU'RE ACTUALLY FILMING A SEASON 2?? YES!

  • I found out Broadchurch apparently has a subplot featuring a medical condition for Tennant's character, which...nice. Also he's apparently a dad? Nicer. And sometimes has nightmares?? Jesus, take the wheel.

  • I rewatched Recovery (or at least the hour of Tennant scenes compiled on YouTube) and WOW I loved it so much I immediately bought a novel that reminded me of it. (My Husband The Stranger. It also features the husband having an identical twin with quite a different personality, so I am gonna have so much fun figuring out which of his other roles to use for that.)

  • I rewatched Single Father and it was even better. Like, I loved everything, even all the stuff I hated before.

  • NEW EARTH IS SO GOOD IN SO MANY WAYS OMG (I want to come back to this another day).

  • SCHOOL REUNION SCHOOL REUNION OMG. I have so many favorite parts but one of them is Rose's Murder Eyes when Sarah Jane naively suggests that Mickey come along, and her very clearly mouthed "NO" at the Doctor (which he ignores). (I truly cannot believe how long that relationship dragged out on paper without an official breakup. Like, dude, you knew she was gone at least by the time you caught her playing nursemaid*. not a euphemism)

  • *I totally forgot about that bit in the first Christmas ep!

  • I was kind of reluctant to go back to season 2 at first, thinking he looked too young even compared to season 4, but yeah, wow, no, that face is ridiculously handsome. The little bits of freckles you see sometimes, especially. I also forgot how much I love the hair before it becomes a spiked gel monster with a life of its own. (@ everyone hiring him lately: thanks for not only letting him use his natural voice a lot, but letting his hair lie flat.)

  • I have tried with all of my might to avoid Jessica Jones because I know that 2 seconds of exposure and I will become the Kilgrave trash I'm well aware people hate, but my resolve is failing. I've seen clips. And I feel like with a little more context, I could be convinced to sympathize with him. Not even the knowledge that David Tennant himself would side-eye me for that can stop me.

  • Speaking of Tennant knowledge, nothing has ever delighted me more than his bafflement with social media, especially Instagram. "Swipe up??" / "Like and comment -- like I know what I'm talking about, 'like and comment'." IT ME.

  • Georgia's Instagram Live video (like I know what I'm talking about!), where his job is to look pretty on camera, is amazing. He's so wonderfully "I don't understand what this is and frankly I feel ridiculous but okay, I'll...go along with it?" The whole clip is just, like, you could not write a better scene featuring the dynamics in a 14-year-age-difference relationship. Real life is better than fiction! (sung to the tune of Kat McPhee Foster's 'stranger than fiction')

  • (also there is a very cute anecdote of him on the set of Doctor Who, autographing some memorabilia of Steven Moffat's son's without realizing the kid didn't want or grasp the concept of an autograph, and was confused why this random man scribbled on his memento)

  • Honestly I think my favorite part of this is the sheer contrast with the fact that he did such excellent work with the video diaries (or proto-vlogging, kind of, technically!), but he clearly hit his comfort threshold with technology and stalled out.

  • ANYWAY. Part of me wants badly to see this passion project of Georgia's in support (You, Me & Him); most of me thinks this plot is my number one nemesis in plot tropes and David Tennant's character is actually the worst thing my eyes have ever seen. And my eyes have seen Fright Night (2011).

  • Moving on: quick question, where have I been that I didn't know Billie Piper had any, much less 3, kids

  • (the answer is probably 'because she became dead to me the minute she signed on to Secret Diary of a Call Girl' WHICH I AM STILL MAD ABOUT BTW but shhh)

  • I reread "Life Among the Distant Stars" and promptly fell over on my side, hands clasped to my heart, for it is still as perfect today as it was when it was written. The fanmix still makes my heart sing. Awake and Dreaming is even better. ...seem to have lost the link at the moment, but it's in my fic recs tag somewhere.

  • I also dug out my old collection of Doctor Who-related songs and am having All The Feelings about them.

  • God bless Good Omens for more or less failing to suck me into its superfandom and instead launching me back into the past and on to a new worldwide tour of Tennant's life & works, is what I'm saying.

  • (There was a moment, not too many years ago, where I was reading old reviews and I remember thinking that I would probably never feel that intensely about his face again. I was almost moderately embarrassed by Past Me. And now it is just...ALL BACK. There is nothing I love like being able to visibly see someone is older and still find them quite dashing. I think the lesson here is that nobody ever really falls out of favor once I admit them to the Handsome Men's Club, the feelings merely go into hibernation and lie dormant until something wakes them up.)

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