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Book Christmas: 10th Year Special

I can't believe I've really gone to the Half Price Books Clearance sale every year since 2010. I'm so glad it's still going strong and the prices haven't gone up, especially since my local HPB raised their store clearance prices by a dollar on everything ($3 for most items, $2 for paperbacks and children's books)

I did make the unwise decision to read back my old posts about them, and on the heels of my recent book cleanout, it made me very self-conscious about how many things I've bought there that I've since gotten rid of; WHAT IF I MAKE BAD CHOICES AGAIN??; and I spent half an hour full of stomach-achey dread that maybe I shouldn't go at all. I felt this way a little at the library sales last month too, but at least there it was easier to stay (somewhat) restrained. With a universe of media at my fingertips tho?? Hmmm.

(if you're looking for what I actually bought, skip to the end. I like to draw it out. it's the closest I get to real journaling)

But then I forgot about my worry when it turned out be the best content I've ever seen. The YA fiction was incredible. So many high-quality and fairly current books, hardcovers even. I couldn't even identify any Garbage Novels that were overpopulated, that's how much variety there was (at least in the YA section. Fifty Shades of Grey and its sequels were EVERYWHERE in adult fic). And I didn't even get there until halfway through day 1.

In no time at all, my shoulder bag was full and I had to go pick up a shopping basket. I'm very proud of how many things I put back, though.

-Full House, season 1 (it would be a novelty, but I really don't have a strong pull to revisit it right now)

-CSI, season 5 (I do love that one, but I had to admit I also am really nowhere near a CSI or GSR renaissance right now, and this is from when DVD cases were still big fat bricks. Only season 7 or 8 could have tempted me.)

-Two different Doctor Who encyclopedia types -- one was a timeline of events throughout the new series up through season 5 or 6, one was a retrospective on every Doctor since the beginning (again through Eleven) with a lot of interesting quote compilations, but ultimately I decided I didn't NEED either one. Too much content that was irrelevant to me. I leafed through them in contentment and let them go.

-A classic Doctor Who audiobook/audio play/I'm not totally sure what it was [edit: The Curse of Peladon] with Jon Pertwee and Katy Manning, a.k.a. my hypothetically favorite Classic Doctor and my 2nd fave/only other classic companion I know. I was SORELY tempted. But I had so many other things I wanted that I decided I could leave this for someone who'd appreciate it more.

-NCIS season 9 because [edited w/ replacement text] I am a DUMBASS who couldn't remember anything she loved about that season off the top of her head, only that it was before the season where Tony/Ziva got real intense, and so I thought hey, maybe I don't need to own this one right now! BUT ACTUALLY it was the one with episode 200 (SHANNON GIBBS!), followed by Jamie Lee Curtis was starring as Gibbs' best love interest Samantha Ryan??? And also I once dubbed it "The Season of Personal Lives" and IT LITERALLY HAS THE BEST GIBBS/ABBY SCENE EVER, the one in my icon for this post that I chose specifically to underscore my stupidity.

-Not for me, but for SOMEBODY: Downtown Abbey, The Complete Scripts - season 2. I know I would love that for any show I actually watch.

-Doctor Who soundtracks (I had some vague hope, okay! They're all over 10 years old! But probably still too uncommon in the U.S. with huge brand recognition to be clearanced out. I know the DVDs still are -- it's a miracle they're finally down to $25 in the store)

-Delta Goodrem CDs (she's part of my "Doctor Who-adjacent" music revival)

-Thoroughbred books (I did see a few original-illustrated-cover Saddle Club books that tempted me -- 50 cents apiece, not gonna get better than that -- but I sternly reminded myself I can only collect one series at a time until I have my own house)

(in no order)

1. Before, After, and Somebody In Between - Jeannine Garsee (2007)
A wealthy lawyer invites her into his family's home, and Martha is given a chance to start over. The warm, caring Brinkmans treat Martha like one of the family, and even though it feels so right, she knows they can't be as perfect as they seem. This fairy tale won't last forever...

WHAT IS THIS GENDERBENT RYAN ATWOOD AU; I NEED IT. I'm also intrigued to find out if there's a dark secret or just some other twist. Alcoholic mom, abusive boyfriend, Ohio setting and cello-playing also hit my keyword interests.

2. The Possibility of Now - Kim Culbertson (2016)
Crappy Scholastic edition but still, I love and trust Culbertson/have wanted to read this, and I'd have to go to the county next door to check it out of a library. Odds of me liking it enough to keep are high. Especially for $1!

3. The Education of Ivy Blake  - Ellen Airgood (2015)
I probably didn't need to settle for a copy with the former owner's name written 3x in permanent ink on the outside of the pages, but I'm still a mess of feelings about this book I fell in love with in May and I wanted it near me. Dust jacket's in good shape.

4. Never Broken: Songs Are Ony Half the Story - Jewel (2015)
I FOUND IT I FOUND IT I FOUND IT!!! Pristine paperback.

5. Everything I Was - Corinne Demas (2011)
"My walls were stripped, and  all that was left in the room was a pile of boxes and my mattress propped against the wall." So begins Irene's journey from an Upper West Side penthouse to [the family farmhouse upstate with her grandfather].

This looks self-published as heck, but it's actually printed by Carolrhoda LAB, which I immediately recognized as responsible for Wired Man and Other Freaks of Nature, so instant trust. The cover photograph is beautiful -- like,that's the kind of picture I look at and go, "I wish there was a story attached" -- and it's a little smaller than a standard paperback, and the summary/first couple of pages were just irresistible to me.

6. A Thing of Beauty - Lisa Samson (2015)
A pristine adult paperback that I know nothing about but could not say no to when I saw a deluge of attractive points like "32 year old protagonist" (love when they're my age and not whippersnappers still in their mid-20s) and "former child star" and "moves into a dilapidated old mansion in town" and "ten years later, Fiona's huge house is filled with junk purchased at thrift stores, haggled over at yard sales, or picked up at the side of the road" and "rents the maid's quarters to a local blacksmith."

7. Stronger Than You Know - Jolene Perry (2014)
It's an ARC; I really should not have bought an ARC, but her books are surprisingly uncommon secondhand and I would have to Inter-Library Loan this even to read it. And the protagonist just sounds so wonderful. Former abuse victim? Wracked by panic attacks? Loving relatives taking her in? YEAH.

8. Lurlene McDaniel - Somebody's Baby (2017)
ONE FROM THE WINDEMERE SERIES! Unfortunately not the next book in it, which I still have to use ILL for. But one I look forward to reading and would have wanted to own nevertheless, as evidenced by the fact that I bought book 1 with a coupon earlier this summer. Is a big hardcover when I wanted paperback, but still.

9. Horse of Two Colors - Glenn Balch (1969)
This probably exists in paperback vs. a crappy Weekly Reader hardcover edition, buuuut I have not heard of this one and how could I say no to a vintage horse + Native American book, especially from this guy.

10-11. CDs: Taylor Swift - Fearless, Platinum Edition, and Josh Groban's very first live concert album/DVD set, which I honestly forgot existed. (also, I got Very Annoyed when I saw T-Swift's Speak Now Target edition there, FINALLY, after years of looking and finally giving up and buying it from HPB with a coupon 3 months ago)

12-17. DVDs: NCIS seasons 3 & 5 (my first-ever NCIS collections! time to go hog-wild about Ziva & Gibbs/Abby again), Grey's Anatomy seasons 5 & 6 (two of my faves -- SO MANY SHIPPER MOMENTS JUST ARRIVED AT MY FINGERTIPS; also my eternally favorite episode, the 2-part S6 finale), Bones season 5 (ditto on shipping, at least until episode 100), and -- my holy Grail search item in this sale at long last -- a widescreen version of beloved movie "Enchanted" that I hope plays well and isn't scratched to heck.

(had to go back with fiance, after all. who showed admirable restraint and bought only 2 [admittedly massive] paperbacks and 4 CDs, as if he were trying to model responsible shopping or something)

18. On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves (2011)
"FINALLY!" I cried, plucking it out of the line of books with the finesse and speed of a diving osprey. "Took you long enough to get to me." These are words I actually said out loud, because books have minds and agency, apparently, after which I felt bad and apologized, "Thank you very much." Honestly, tho, this sold pretty well and yet a copy took took seven years to turn up in my path after countless book sales and other secondhand-shopping adventures. It's in great shape, too. That's part of the fun of waiting the way I do, though. The euphora when you finally get the book you've been waiting for at an excellent price is the modern-day equivalent of finding treasure.

Edit: OH NO there is an address label (from Texas!) inside and a handwritten post-it note that says "this is the only book I want back." What book-borrowing fiend sold it to Half Price?? But also, the date of the HPB price sticker is January 2013, so they've probably given up/replaced it by this point.

19. The Cats of Thistle Hill: A (Mostly) Peaceable Kingdom - Roger A. Caras (1994)
"Why 30 or more pets? Because they are alive, and that is what living is all about."

I declined to buy this at the sale a few years ago, but when it showed up in the fiction section this year, how could I deny it? This time around I recognized the author from Panther!, plus when I opened it up, I was stunned by remembering how much I love these stories (first read in high school, I think). what a dream life.

P.S. In this book I found a blank bank deposit slip. Luckily I am not nefarious. You really shouldn't let random strangers have access to your address & account number.

20. Rob& - P.J. Petersen & Ivy Ruckman (2004)
It's an ex-library novel written in email format, and I almost didn't get it except I am SO CHARMED by the combination of the format and the year matching my high school era. I read so much YA and I just mentally roll with the times as the teens get younger and younger than me, but I forget what a pleasure it is to read about my true contemporaries. Also, Ivy Ruckman is the author of my beloved early 80s novel The Hunger Scream and I had no idea her career flourished so long. I trust her.

ETA: whoops, I forgot two! I bought them on day 1 but it causes the least numbering pain to insert them here.

21. Moon & Me - Hadley Irwin (1981)
I like this author & IDK, sometimes you just really want to douse your brain in an 80s teen paperback with a horse on the cover (though it is less a "horse book" than a standard "teen book that has a horse in it," because she's living on her grandparents' farm for six months).

22. Summer of the Stallion - June Andrea Hanson (1979)
I like this author too [Winter of the Owl - oh wow, she only ever wrote these two], and while I almost didn't want to buy it because it's so slim and tiny, an undersized 108-page paperback, the font is like size 8 so I think it is a respectable length for juvenile fic. And having just learned that Winter of the Owl is actually its sequel, I'm very glad I did.

23-24. CDs: Aryssa Joel, "Perfect Fantasy" (2013) and Katy Rose, "Because I Can,"(2004) both deaf picks chosen for featuring pretty girls in nice outfits. Have not listened to the first one yet, but it sure looks like a teen pop passion project, and the latter has been (reliably) described as early Avril Lavigne, so woo!


About on par, albeit at the higher end, of what I intended to budget for this sale, so I'll allow it.
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