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Top Ten Character Traits

First of all, while I have your attention, wanna check out my book (and other media) haul from the Half Price Books Clearance Event (a.k.a. Book Christmas)??

No? Or you already did? OK, fine, have the title topic from this week's Top Ten Tuesday. This is by no means comprehensive, just what came to mind fastest.

1a. The name Emily. I've just always loved this name. It's a good thing I'm not planning on kids, because it would kill me not to be able to name a hypothetical daughter this due to its massive popularity. (No one wants to have the same name as a bunch of other kids in their class.)

1b. The name Oliver. I've never thought much about it before, but in the past year or so I've found 3 books I love w/ guys bearing that name (Emmy & Oliver, April & Oliver, Pretty Fierce), and I've come to conclude it is the positive version of a dogwhistle to clue one in to a book with a quality love interest. (GET OUT OF HERE, UNRAVELING OLIVER)

2. Female characters w/ red hair. Especially long red hair. Always been my dream to be a natural redhead, so it adds instant cool points.
See also: Rachelle LeFevre, who generally plays all of them in my head.

3. Animal lovers, of course.

4. Characters who love vintage (fashion or otherwise) -- see also A Vintage Affair; Going Vintage

5. Female characters w/ anxiety. I haven't had an attack in so long I'm about to declare I don't even have it anymore, but I also know how little it takes to make me spiral and that I've just cleverly avoided all situations that might send me into such an attack for the last 5 years. So I still love seeing it reflected on the page.

6. Protective guys (including men who will expertly Do A Violence to protect someone if necessary).

7. Scars. I love scars, be they accidental or self-inflicted. They range from sexy to sympathy-inducing (which is attractive in its own way), but it's almost impossible to mention one or several in way that won't immediately draw me in. They appeal to me in the way other people might see tattoos.

8. Homebirds. Give me teen characters who grew up in a small town and are happy staying there (Catch A Falling Star; Cherry Money Baby), or adults who live in their hometown, maybe even the house they grew up in (The Lost Hours, The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond, my dad).

9. Pining. Give me the Jim Halpert level of lovelorn and I'm good. Preferably in a way that pays off well before the last chapter, though.

10. The lachrymose. Is your character a weepy mess prone to breaking down/falling apart? Congratulations, I probably love them.

Your turn: any suggestions that come to mind based off these traits?

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