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Bad/Good TV

Carol's Second Act is bad, y'all. It's dumb and bland and everyone is, like, so conscious that they're just making a dumb show for cheap laughs. The veterans are hamming it up as hard as they possibly can. The newbies feel a little more earnest (I really love the stern boss who doles out grudging admiration), but not enough to feel like real people instead of walking joke machines.

Unfortunately, it's bad in that exact comfort-brain-food way I like when I'm tired and I can't even pick what show to watch, much less handle anything emotionally complex, but am just alert enough to want something new instead of the thousandth repeat of a favorite sitcom. Which means I have seen...all 3 existing episodes and I'm watching it live right now. Sigh. (P.S. this show would be fully 25% better if Lucas Neff had his nice Raising Hope-era hair instead of a gross buzzcut.)
In better news, I have absolutely no energy available to discuss Survivor, but here is my rough Island of the Idols cast ranking (of the remaining contestants) now that we're 4 episodes deep:

  • Elizabeth (SHE IS JUST STRAIGHT-UP JENNA FISCHER IN LOOKS. It's like watching a more extroverted Pam Beesly play Survivor and it's AMAZING)

  • Elaine (the BEST personality! except I don't care for being reminded how my body looks every time she runs around with her shirt off. In my head I look like Elizabeth.)

  • Missy (don't like her early cut-throated-ness, but I will admire her drive later, when she starts busting people I dislike)

  • Karishma (I do wish she would "buck up" a bit. Again, stop reminding me what I look like. I want to believe that I am sympathetic when I withdraw and baselessly assume people don't like me.)

  • Lauren (I like her Jazzy Braids. and her smile.)

  • Janet (gotta love a tough older lady who can make fire day 1!)

  • Tommy (see longer narrative below)

  • Kellee (no strong feelings either way. kind of quiet. might like her more later. Mom likes her a lot)

  • Tom (when even was the last time a 60+ guy lasted past episode 4??)

  • Dean (see longer narrative below)

  • Jason (he's a bit squirrelly but I liked how calm he was as the Caller. Might grow on me.)

  • [Touchy-Feely] Dan

  • Jack

  • Noura (DO I EVEN NEED TO ELABORATE AFTER THIS WEEK'S EXCRUCIATING SECONDHAND EMBARRASSMENT. Also her 'i'm a neeeeeerd and those bitches are just getting by on their flirt game!' complex is...really something for a woman with yoga-toned body. her whole high school complex in general is something, honestly. You're 36. At some point, 'this is just like high school!' is no longer a valid complaint or comparison and you are well in that zone.)

  • Jamal (honestly? the bulgy eyes are enough to irk me)

  • Aaron (I've had about enough of this dude)

And having written that list, I honestly cannot match any of the white guys' names to their faces without looking them up, except Jack Sprat.

Ronnie was an A+ first boot, literally who I would have picked as my dream first boot, and Jonah wasn't bad but wasn't really a compelling player either, because OH MY GAWD, he was like, such a valley girl!, but then the other 2 were girls in my top 5, so that sucked a lot. Molly was SO ADORABLE, a little peck of innocent sunshine, and I was so damned ready for an Elizabeth/Chelsea girl power duo in the manner of Kim & Chelsea in One World.

tl;dr I'm definitely Team Ladies this year. Not one single standout guy yet. Tommy seems like the kind of guy I should gravitate towards -- late 20s, redhead, elementary school teacher, thoughtful and quiet and kind -- but for some reason he's still coming across as plain to me. And Dean seems nice and cute enough, but in a dopey happy puppy way. Also I am suuuuper bitter that YET AGAIN, a girl falls victim when a showmance is suspected. (how did the women's concensus become "NOT DEAN! yeah, okay, we can sacrifice Chelsea" instead of "wait CHELSEA? NVM, Dean's fine.")
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