RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

"You said blue!" / "I said NOT BLUE!"

I changed my Tumblr color scheme and avatar for the first time in apparently over 3 years today, and I am breaking out in hives that it's blue instead of lavender -- even the prettiest of baby blues! -- but my newfound Tennant Project Spiral was the perfect excuse to change my icon there like I've been wanting to do for a while. And it complements the one I knew I wanted -- the one that used to represent the TV blog by the same name on Xanga, and always clashed with the lavender scheme there, only I could never bring myself to change either one because inertia is too powerful.

I did look through my saved icons in hopes of finding a pink- or purple-tinged one with Rose, but found none, and this is the one that feelsl ike part of my identity, anyway. But along the way, I had an OVERWHELMING wave of nostalgia slam into me as I scrolled through a bunch of other icons I used to use on LJ and reluctantly deleted at various points to "save free space," even though I don't think I EVER filled up my alloted slots past maybe 2010, and to this day I'm only about half full.

Thank heavens I still have the majority of my Doctor Who icons in rotation. I did consider cleaning them out a few years ago, around the time I foolishly thought I would never feel so strongly about David Tennant ever again. Luckily, inertia stopped me there. Of course, inertia is also stopping me from going hog-wild and uploading a bunch more just in case maybe this time is the time I will earn enough free icon spaces that, combined with how little I post these days, I can stop paying for that extra space, but...

Also RIP to the text I've had in place in the About Me for years, until I was finally so far removed from it that I didn't think it needed to be explained in detail anymore:
From 2012-2014, this site functioned largely as a Glee/Klaine scrapbook. Then the season 6 spoilers turned me into a supervolcano of wrath and melted that love right out of existence. Now it is an aimless collection of anything that catches my fancy... (and that sentence picks up with what's still there)

Also removed for being somewhat out of date: 2018 is all about having fandom renaissances for shows I used to watch, or taking casual viewership to the next level. Every month or two brings a new rediscovery. WHERE WILL SHE GO NEXT?

(Replaced with: "Lots of TV stuff. CBS normally reigns supreme, but as of Sept. 2019 I have returned to being full time Tennant Trash." Which, honestly, I probably shouldn't count on because I'm still in the 2-month window and Shiny Renewed Obsession Loves can burn bright for up to 4 months, but it's been pretty dominant so far and I feel like I have a long way to go yet.)

LOOK AT ALL THESE WORDS I CAME UP WITH FOR UNIMPORTANT THINGS when I can't even list the obscene amount of DVD content I have watched in the past 48 hours. Oh well, gotta go.
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