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a few thoughts on Survivor tonight

There is truly nothing wrong with this season, and it really is a good cast, but for some reason, I'm just not excited to tune in?? If I wasn't watching with Mom and/or I could somehow block out spoilers, I would probably just quit watching where I am and shove it in a vault for when I'm DYING for new Survivor (wish I could have given this season to myself in July).

I am really glad that Elaine got to be the Big Damn Hero, despite extreme signage to the contrary. I was gonna be Big Mad if I lost ANOTHER girl for Elizabeth to be awesome and buddy-buddy with, especially at the hands of a Bottom Feeder. Elizabeth remains my hero now more than ever, especially after her tarantula-sighting freakout and manic slap-it-out-just-in-case-it-got-into-my-hair dance. FINALLY, I FEEL REPRESENTED.

I hit mute after two solid minutes of the Insensitive Racial Comments PSA. My player ranking from before remains firmly unchanged.

I did enjoy the challenges this week, both of which were completely physical challenges that consisted of teamwork plus individuals throwing stuff.

The Boston Rob and Sandra segment of each episode continues to be excruciating. Everything about it is so painfully scripted. Such conscious acting on their part. "Survivor lessons" SHUT UP. Sandra almost makes me believe she's talking off the cuff, but Rob is so weirdly intense about it that not a single word he says sounds real. It's always so awkward when they're chatting and all of a sudden Rob is like "ANYWAY SHUT UP WE'RE GONNA DO THE BIT NOW."

It's also weird when afterward, Rob is all "HAHA I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT MORON JUST ACCEPTED MY FIRST OFFER" to the camera, like this show does not also mock anyone who doesn't eagerly take on all risk offered to them for a better chance at Survivor glory, and like there is any reason they should expect a better offer. I'm sure that's scripted too, but it's still annoying.

Tell and show me more about Rob somehow building a stable 2-story shelter with no power tools or blueprints, is what I'm getting at.

Anyway, Jason got voted out tonight and honestly, other than Aaron or Dan that was the best outcome from this set so I am satisfied. I hope Missy can keep Lauren reeled in to her side and placated, though. ♫WOMEN GOTTA STIIIIICK TOGETHER, eaaaaach and every day!♫

P.S. In further proof of how hard I fell off the Survivor train between Lee Pace riding back into fandom town and then Tennant and all of his British TV connections sweeping me away, I not only stopped checking the subreddit and only occasionally remember to check on The Instagram Joe and Sierra Show (and most of my interest there is the horses, tbh, though his shorter hair has metaphorically grown on me and does look quite fetching), until yesterday I completely forgot about the Survivor Know-It-Alls podcast I was listening to from December through early June. I literally forgot Rob (C.) has a podcast/website.

And I'm...not really invested in catching up, either. It'll be there when I want to go back to it. Probably. Right now I can't even be arsed to watch deleted scenes from the episodes on YouTube! The fact that player exit interviews are back is entirely too overwhelming for me to even contemplate. Curse you for breaking the system, Edge of Extinction.

(Although I did follow both Rick and Becca Devens on Twitter early on, and they continue to comprise a sizeable portion of my feed while being absolute delights of human beings and also Marriage & Family Goalz. Better ones than Rob and Amber. I've mostly lost track of my high school classmates on social media, but I can just tell that Becca is exactly like someone I might have sat at the lunch table with.)
Tags: survivor, tv commentary

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