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I saw Scott & Bailey at the library and I thought, hey, what a perfect way to keep the Suranne Jones ball rolling. I managed to accidentally never watch it again after the first season aired even though it went on to have 4.25 seasons, so maybe now is finally time to rectify that. That was 8 years ago, but it's probably fine to just start where I left off with only a read-through of my prior post and a skim of Wikipedia to catch me up, right?

Except so far I am 5 minutes into episode 2x03 and it has been...not that fun.

-Janet, I can visibly see that your husband is worse than Heart Eyes Andy, but it's still weird that you threw him out of the house, to the heartbreak of your daughters. I would be more pro-Andy, but Wikipedia seems to think he is not endgame, so that double sucks.

-WHY AM I BEING FORCED TO SEE EVEN TWO SECONDS OF RACHEL'S BRO'S GROSS PROSTITUTION SCENE (I was so close to being willing to judge him on his on-screen merits instead of his dumbass crimery and thickheadedness!)

-Were there always this many boring dudes?? (although Kevin is sort of endearing/entertaining)

-Did the title leads used to have more scenes together? I feel like I never see them interact. I am feeling very little of the enthusiasm I know I felt before about their friendship.

-I do still love Rachel just a WHOLE bunch. I love her face and her outfits and her beautiful hair. Boss Jill Gill also remains cool.

I could have started watching Spies of Warsaw tonight, but no, I thought it was too late to start a 3-hour event I would probably have trouble stopping. Joke's on me it's already been over an hour and a half, and little to none of it has been fun.
Tags: scott & bailey, tv commentary

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