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9 Book-Related Things I'm Thankful For

Note: this is a queued post, and will be linked to the main post when I get a chance.

This is a (thankfulness-themed) freebie week at Top Ten Tuesday, and I could be interesting, but instead I'm just going to throw out a list of book/reading-related things I am thankful for, off the top of my head, because I don't think I've ever actually done one of these kinds of posts.

1. My parents fostering a love of books by reading to me, buying me books and taking me to libraries since before I could talk.

2. Belonging to a public library system which:
a) has vast purchasing power to obtain plenty of copies of basically all the new books people talk about
b) lets you register your card in multiple counties in the metro area, so you can access even more
c) is linked to a free interlibrary loan network consisting of all the other libraries in state (I have maybe a 3% failure rate on locating books on my TBR within this system)

3. Little Free Libraries. They're so cheerful and they sprout up like dandelions around here. There are not many things that make me sincerely happy I'm living in the present day instead of decades in the past -- but this is one of them.

4. Bookstore cats & bookstore dogs. Bless you. And bless you twice for every variety of animal, Wild Rumpus.

5. Living in an area with tons, and I mean tons, of annual used book sales and other places to pick up extremely inexpensive books by the dozen.

6. Book subscription boxes. Even though they taunt me with their expensivenes (lbr I could probably spend a grand a month on boxes if I were rich), they're SO cool, and one day I am gonna decide on the one I'm ready to take a chance on buying for a special treat.
#still campaigning for someone to sell me their From Sand and Ash set tbh

7. Celebrities who narrate audiobooks, especially beyond their own memoirs. Read me a story!

8. GOODREADS (and its escalating popularity), which is where I spend at least 20% of my screen time each week.

9. The fact that Broadchurch was turned into a novel. This breaks my theme of broad and general gratefulness, but I am slipping it in because STILL NOT OVER IT. (as to the official supplemental short stories, I bought the 2nd volume and honestly, it was worth the $2 just for the Alec Hardy chapter, but I love Claire's backstory almost as much)

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