RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

You know what, sure, I haven't done a thefridayfive in a while...

1. Have you hydrated appropriately?
I absolutely have not been lately. Last night I got to the point where I was so desperate for plain water that it tasted amazing. Do you know how many days I have to go of drinking anything-BUT-plain-water-(but-especially-soda) for that to happen?

2. What are your feelings on fizzy water (LaCroix and similar)?
Not a fan of lemon/lime, but all other fruit-flavored ones taste amazing. Unfortunately, if I drink more than about 8 ounces in a day I bloat to truly ridiculous levels (whereas I can drink 5x that much diet soda with no apparent ill effect). They also make me feel dehydrated more quickly, drying out my throat. It's just disappointment in a bottle all around.

3. Is there a particular holiday-associated beverage you like?
I am always very excited to pick out a bottle of sparkling wine for New Year's Eve.

4. Do you have a fancy coffee or tea order? (possibly only for special occasions?)
Not a specific one, but I love trying out different lattes/cappuccinos/blended drinks at coffee shops.

5. Do you only drink hot beverages when it is cold outside? Why or why not?
Yes. Otherwise it's just unpleasant, no matter how strong my brain craving is before I make it. (that said, a miserably rainy day or one with strong wind in the spring or early fall still counts as 'cold outside')
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