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Review Pile 4: Rounding Up Last Week

The second episodes of these shows haven't aired yet; I'm not late!

Grey's Anatomy: A Change is Gonna Come

Among the things I have learned this week is that the more one anticipates the show, the less it will live up to your expectations - and vice versa.  Incredibly, the season 4 premiere was better than probably the last half-dozen episodes combined.  I feel like such a traitor saying that, but it's true.

It's really WEIRD to think of all the interns having their own interns - it's like teenage parents, or something.  I can't figure out how they're going to maintain this many new characters, even if 90% of them end up being no more than extras.  I've never understood the hierarchy at this hospital, but why don't Callie and Bailey have their own interns again?  I thought this was an annual thing.  Furthermore, why didn't we see multiple batches of interns running around when *ours* were completing their internship?  Is there actually room for this many interns at once?  Nevertheless, I'm enjoying the exploration of them being thrown from student to teacher roles, especially when they pretty much emulate their teachers. 

Alex is the worst, having fully and completely stepped into the role of Adult Frat Boy, as he starts off by turning into Mark Sloan. He spent a good long time bitching about how Sloan ordered him around and wouldn't let him do any real work, yet now in turn he's hazing his interns, referring to them with derogatory comments and acting like they're not fit to wipe the mud off his shoes.  It's extremely off-putting.  On the other hand, I am loving Cristina's sharpness and "I don't care who you are" attitude - this is who she's always been, above and beyond her peers.  Cristina is SO Bailey 2.0, and I'm glad she has some legitimate authority.  Mark my words, her interns will end up learning the most even if she doesn't actually teach them.  

Izzie is pretty much the new Sydney, but she's still the one I'd want to be assigned to - friendly, open, accomodating.  She's better than Sydney because she's also eager to be liked, rather than convinced of her own awesomeness.  She might be a little desperate right now, but I really, really am cheering for her to succeed.  As for Meredith, she's probably the closest to "normal."  Setting her personal life aside, she seems the most like a new resident you might encounter in a real hospital - she's not perfect, but neither is she totally unprepared, and she's taking on her new role as simply another step in her career.  I'd say she falls somewhere between Derek and Addison in terms of management style - not as easygoing as the former, but also not as sure of herself as the latter.  

And then there's George, poor George the Repeating Intern.  I'm feeling a certain connection with him this year now that I'm in kind of the same boat, where all my friends are getting ready to student-teach and/or graduate and I'm still on a junior's academic track.  That being said, I think it's a really bad idea for Lexie to emphasize how it was his "VERY FIRST DAY" as an intern and otherwise cover up his "secret."  I mean, aren't the other interns going to find it odd how chummy he is with the residents?  Or is he just not going to talk to the residents?  It cannot possibly be that shameful to repeat your internship, because think about it - this is not a reflection on his skill as a doctor.  It's only because of one test, one paper-and-pencil test that could not be retaken, that had the misfortune to happen while he was having a bad day.  I really do think that if he admitted up front that he was repeating, especially in connection with delivering a baby that day, the other interns would have looked to him for guidance.  But obviously, the truth IS going to come out, and then I promise that all the other interns are immediately going to resent him for trying to show off.  That will be their thought process, anyway. 

Other things about George: his hair has grown out and is fantastic again; my love has swung upwards accordingly.  And I felt really bad for him when he was rambling about all the stuff going on with his friends during the test...see, George's only fault is Caring too much!  Between that and him showing up at Izzie's door with tears in his eyes to say "I love you too," I think George just unwittingly fought his way back into my Fold of Favorite Characters.  Wait, what?

Yes, I apologize, but: on the condition that that was not immediately followed by sex - because in my version of events, they've never slept together, and anyway I am so sick of these characters not knowing how to express their feelings without getting naked - my heart broke due to an overflowing love for Gizzie.  As of right now, they are my favorite pairing on the show.  (Apparently, The Office translates to everything in my fandom life now.)  Shonda, I apologize for any angry statements I may have made about this pairing...please do not stick a fork in it; it should not be done.  Unless you force me to witness them sleeping together again, in which case I will take up my pitchfork and flaming torch and attempt to run you out of town for such unnatural depravity.

McDreamy's hair is no longer dreamy.  I am devastated and don't remember why I like him.  I did for a minute there, when he jumped down Mark's throat defending Meredith, fully aware of how damaged she is but loving her unconditionally anyway...and then it vanished for good when there was "break up sex" (what the HELL), and I remembered why I HATE MER/DER WITH A FIERY BURNING PASSION.  Anyway, their crazy on-off cycle has now officially taken one too many turns to be believed - especially when all these breakups are supposed to have happened in the space of a single year. 

On Lexie Grey: I don't like her Meredith-esque mannerisms - I feel like the actress is trying too hard to copy Ellen Pompeo's acting style, and that's annoying.  Besides, I feel like Mer's rapid speech and tangenital ramblings are more a result of her environment than genetics, and see no reason her half-sister should act like that.  However, it's hard to actively hate her when she resembles nothing so much as a hopeful puppy seeking an older playmate.  She's not even overly eager about it, really; yes she pursues Meredith all over the hospital but she also hangs back when rebuked, accomodatingly submissive.  So long as she doesn't get herself involved with any attendings AND/OR RESIDENTS, I will give her a pass.  

Let's see, there were a few cases tonight too, all of which I am going to ignore because they're not worth talking about...except for the deer.  While it was the fakest-looking animal prop EVER, I am just giddy because it was an animal!  Yes, I am still invested in the idea of creating a show that revolves around an animal practice.  Have you ever read a vet autobiography?  They're amazing, and so much more interesting than stories about sick people.  I would love to see a parade of injured pets, but I'll settle for the occasional odd patient on medical procedurals.  The dad, of course, was a total douche ("We're going to take this deer home and skin it and eat it, doesn't that sound better?") - I've never understood why parents try to convince their children that yes, chicken comes from actual chickens, but that doesn't matter because it tastes good.  If your kid is abjectly horrified by the idea of eating things with faces, shut up and take a cue from your kid.  The world would be a nicer place if more people were vehemently against the idea of killing animals for food.  

And finally, I grudgingly understand now why Bailey didn't get the title of Chief Resident (even if I still think Richard is horribly sanctimonious when he decides what will or won't be good for people because he is Wise).  In fact, I have come to terms with it.  Why?  Because Bailey still has all the power, and Callie knows it.  I highly approved of her passive-aggressive territory marking, especially the ending in which Bailey, having emerged triumphant, declines to kick Callie when she's down and merely says something like "Hope tomorrow goes better."  She is satisfied that Callie's been put in her place, and so am I.  

Numb3rs: 4x1, Trust Metric

Charlie, is this beach-hobo inspired look going to persist much longer, or was that merely a result of the chaos and uncertainty surrounding Colby's arrest?  I can live with the wild hair (although it's getting a bit long even for my tastes), but the ragged facial scruff has got to go.  All of this is rendered unimportant by the fact that I am half dead from squee over the current state of your relationship with Amita. 

Squee!  I heartily approve of post-class kisses.  I approve even further of Amita flouncing down the stairs in the morning, wearing bedhead and your T-shirt.  (and also, pants.  That part's very important.).   Especially when neither Alan nor Don bat an eye.  See, see, Amita has completely been absorbed as part of this family.  It's fantastic.  And anyway, it's just completely and utterly gratifying to see this pair in a happy, loving, and functional relationship.  Angst-free.  This should last until, what, Thanksgiving? 

Uh-oh, three paragraphs in, maybe now would be a good time to shout COLBY IS INNOCENT HALLELUJAH!  Of course, I think I was placated by the triple-agent theory by about June 1st, so the shock from the finale had dissipated long ago, but it was still a relief to have it confirmed.  Colby seems to have, rather unexpectedly become my favorite FBI agent.  Sorry, Don.  There's just something very appealing about his great sad eyes.  The torture scenes had me freaking out just a tiny bit, even when I was 99% sure he'd be fine...and aw, David's just a seething ball of emotion lately, isn't he?  Loved him desperately trying to revive Colby after a whole episode of pent-up rage and anger.  Which isn't entirely gone, I realize, but at least it's a step in the right direction.

...I am running out of both steam and time, so this is just going to end here.  On a final note: I don't entirely hate Megan's haircut.  It may even be as pretty as before.  That's the nicest thing I can say about someone when their hair gets shorter. 
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