RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Penultimate Survivor (aka P.S. what the damn hell)

It was so awesome that Janet found the idol!! And so stupid that Dean both saw it and was rewarded with the option of an Idol Nullifer...which he won. The immunity challenge was fun -- spin around til you're dizzy, cross a balance beam and put together puzzle blocks to spell a mystery phrase -- and I loved Elaine's "oh no, I'm not good with words" comment.

I did not love Elaine coming SO CLOSE to winning, only to be beaten out by Dean seconds from victory, and get voted out. People keep saying immunity wins don't win you the game, so why bother voting "physical threats" out because of it, and it's true -- but this is an example of why. If you don't level the playing field enough to improve everyone's odds, it'll screw you over when you need the necklace.

So Tribal Council happened, there were tears (on screen and off), they voted, a lot of people cried again, and it sucked but wasn't totally devastating since Elaine smiled through her tears and got to "hug it out" with Jeff before going. Nothing's gonna bring this lil' busted can o' biscuits down!

Then suddenly we were back at camp the next day, apparently rolling into an unexpected double episode?? But no, it's only 7:55. Jeff is here, which either means an emergency weather event is on its way or something horrible has happened to a loved one back home.

Except in this case, where apparently it's because Dan has been abruptly ejected from the show on a need-to-know basis that the remaining players don't need to know. A title card explains that there was a report of another incident involving him that happened off camera with a non-player and he'd already had his one warning, so he had to go. We're all very WTF POLAR BEAR about it.

People Magazine explains the next day that he apparently inappropriately touched a production member's leg while getting in a boat. (Dan maintains he simply lost his balance). No one is allowed to say much more; I'm surprised we even got that much, but it least it put an end to the weirdly swift and specific guesses that he grabbed someone's butt or purposely started wanking in front of a female camera operator, which illustrates my frustration with what happens when people decide to label someone a "sexual predator" based on demonstrably non-sexual things. ~Inappropriate doesn't necessarily mean sexual or sexually moooootivaaaaated~ and other stories, etc.

But I refused to comment on the double (disaster) episode and I refuse to get into it any further now, because I don't have the articulation skills needed to express my complicated analysis of it, so all I'm gonna say is that we're real glad Dan is gone regardless, not least because we were getting sick of his sneers and/or snarky comments when people were voted out. He seemed to have a real chip on his shoulder ever since the Tribal where Kellee was voted out (and he got his ass dragged) and only got more sour over time.
Tags: survivor, tv commentary

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