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Annual TV/Fandom Survey

SURPRISE NON BOOK CONTENT ALERT (should it be an official tag at this point?? no, but almost).

I was hoping to fill out a new one this year, but nobody has posted any yet (not here, obviously, but not even on Tumblr) and this is the only survey I feel like I can actually get done before about December 31st, so out goes the same behemoth as last year.

This is way less like the "best of" this year's fandom, and more of a Wikipedia article about my 2019 fandom experience that may be excessively long and/or detailed. Traditionally, for Part II I only allow stuff that happened in new episodes of the year so that I don't get confused about when they occurred, but at this point I've given up and am counting anything that I saw for the first time.

1. Which TV shows did you start watching this year?

-Proven Innocent
-Blood & Treasure
-Wonderfalls (I got 5-6 episodes in and was enjoying it, but my brain could only do like 1 episode a week and I got tired of requesting the library DVDs all the time so I decided to save it for later)
-Carol's Second Act (we're not friends! I don't even like you! but it's okayish enough that I really enjoy the weekly brain-soothing feeling of watching it with dinner)
-There She Goes

Also I dipped my toe into Blackpool again (we should talk more), but ended up just spoiling myself on YouTube via watching every David Tennant scene from the latter half of the series. Worth it, but would have been nice to enjoy a crime show plot also.

-Good Omens
-The Escape Artist
-The Secret of Crickley Hall

2. Which TV shows did you let go of this year?
I have totally given up on watching Madam Secretary and Hawaii Five-0 because I just can't make my brain track shows anymore, apparently. I ditched Proven Innocent as soon as I could. And Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ended with a meh; I don't think I really loved any of the songs that aired in 2019 and that was most of what I cared about.

3. Which TV shows did you mean to get into but didn’t this year? Why?
Failed to watch Jack Ryan AGAIN because I keep forgetting about it. Dollsome is pretty enthusiastic about a sitcom called Bless This Mess that my brain secretly knows it would love, and would be watching were it on CBS, but I just cannot bring myself to make the effort to navigate over to a different TV channel or in order to see it. It is the weirdest psychological block.

Virgin River just finally surprise-dropped on Netflix, but now it's no good to me because I'm not currently in the market for the Rugged Handsome Outdoors type. I know it'll come back around someday, but I am exclusive to the scrawny-Brit type at the moment.

Toyed with the idea of Halt and Catch Fire, but ultimately was too overwhelmed by the sudden flood of New Lee Pace Content to handle it, so I put it back in storage and watched his movies instead until David Tennant kicked him out of the center spotlight in a real return-of-the-king move, so that was the end of that.

4. Which TV shows do you intend on checking out next year?
I guess all of the above? Also upcoming Tennant miniseries Deadwater Fell. Might try Brittany Snow's "Almost Family" for a fresh round of FOX Disappoints Me Despite An Appealing Redheaded Lead And Sentimentality. It's the only show that had an emotional impact on me at all this past pilot season, besides Mike Vogel's "Triangle," which SOME JACKASS WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS declined to pick up.

5. Which TV show impressed you the most this year? Why?
Good Omens
is a generally impressive piece of work, even as someone who barely was aware of the book's origins, but I was over the stupid moon about the ridiculous fun (AND SHIPPINESS) of Blood & Treasure. Also NCIS: LA did a crapload of amazing things on both the Densi and Neric fronts. Honorable mention to the original NCIS for bringing Ziva back from the dead, live and in the flesh.

6. Which TV show impressed you least this year? Why?
Oh my god did Survivor faceplant hard after David and Goliath. What even was that. Season 38: underwhelming final 3. Season 39: DUMPSTER FIRE.

But of course, Proven Innocent was the biggest chore of a show ever. It was so aggressively angrily activist and yet boring at the same time.

7. Which TV show do you think you might let go of next year unless things significantly improve?
I could see myself cutting ties with Evil if it puts enough toes out of line to make Mom drop it (you know, like if the priest in training and the married woman w/ kids hook up). 50% of why I'm still watching is that it's so fun to share more than 1 show with her again.

Also I emotionally detached pretty hard from Criminal Minds at the end of the finale, in a way where I'm not sure I want to watch it come January. It was one of my favorite shows for a long time so I'd kind of like to save the last-ever new eps for when I'm super hyped again.

8. Which TV shows do you think you’ll never let go of no matter how crappy they get? Why?
The IRONY that this time last year I put Survivor and Criminal Minds in this slot, and I was two steps away from ditching Survivor this past truly is a curse to name anything here! NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY. KILL IT ALL YOUNG TO KEEP IT SAFE. (although, to be fair, since Survivor did get extremely crappy and yet I did not let it go, maybe that was an accurate answer)

1. Favorite female characters of the year (remember when I used to cap this at 5? or even 10?)

  • Kensi Blye

  • Nell Jones (NCIS: LA)

  • Madeline Scott (Proven Innocent)

  • Lexi Vaziri (Blood & Treasure)

  • Ellie Miller

  • Claire Ripley (Broadchurch)

  • Gwen Wexler, as played by Amy Jo Johnson ("Tiger Eyes")

  • Kate, as played by Emilia Clarke ("Last Christmas")

  • Kit, as played by Brie Larson ("Unicorn Store")

  • Sansa (Game of Thrones -- I don't have to watch it to love her!!)

  • Anathema Device (Good Omens)

  • The 4 precious daughters whose names I do not know, but who as a pack make me want to adopt them all, on Evil

Revisited loves from fandoms past: Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, Sarah Jane Smith (Doctor Who); Charlotte "Chuck" Charles, Olive Snook (Pushing Daisies)

2. Favorite male characters of the year
Like 17 Literally 10 different men all played by David Tennant, each somehow with their own distinctive characterization (let's count, top half in bold: The Doctor, John Smith [Doctor Who], Crowley [Good Omens], Alec Hardy [Broadchurch], Dave Tiler [Single Father], Alan Hamilton [Recovery], Peter Carlisle [Blackpool], Will Burton [The Escape Artist], Simon [There She Goes]).

More seriously, also...

  • Marty Deeks

  • Eric Beale (NCIS: LA)

  • Aziraphale (Good Omens)

  • Spencer Reid

  • Luke Alvez (Criminal Minds)

  • Danny McNamara

  • Aiden Shaw (Blood & Treasure)

  • Obnoxiously Fetching Revolutionary War Vampire Garrett (Twilight)

  • Aaron Tyler (Wonderfalls)

Revisited loves from fandoms past: Ned the Piemaker, Emerson Cod (Pushing Daisies)

3. Favorite (Het) Ships of the year

  • Kensi/Deeks (NCIS: LA)

  • Eric/Nell (NCIS: LA)

  • Danny/Lexi (Blood & Treasure)

  • Alec Hardy/dear god literally any woman (except Ellie) PLEASE

    • but especially Alec/Claire [Broadchurch]


  • Ten/Rose (Doctor Who)

  • Ned/Chuck (Pushing Daisies)

  • Michael/Delysia ("Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day")

From new-to-me movies:

  • Jess/Roman (or Ryan; whichever one he claims to be at any given moment is cool by me): Possession

  • Mark/Elizabeth: The Keeping Hours

  • Kate/Garrett: Twilight

  • Kate/Tom: Last Christmas


  • Mrs. & Mr. Georgia Tennant

  • Joe & Sierra Dawn Anglim

  • Rick & Becca Devens (truly the closest I have seen to IRL Jim & Pam)

  • Eric & Sarah Olsen, while I'm at it, since this is a new subcategory for the year but they've been champs in my heart for eons

4. Favorite shows of the year
The Top 10, currently airing or not, in chronological order of when my love for them became intense this year.

Criminal Minds
The Amazing Race
Blood & Treasure
Pushing Daisies
Good Omens
Doctor Who
There She Goes

5. Favorite episodes of the year:
NCIS: LA: Till Death Do Us Part; Born to Run; Kill Beale: Vol. 1; Mother; Answers
Blood & Treasure: Escape from Casablanca; The Shadow of Projekt Athena
Evil: Rose390

6. Best new fandom discovery of the year
Broadchurch by far

7. Biggest squee moments of the year
Hold on, I got a lot o' squee.

NCIS: LA: [Spoiler (click to open)]+ KENSI AND DEEKS GOT MARRIED AND HAD AN ENTIRE EPISODE DEVOTED TO THEIR WEDDING. There was no case. The team had to fight off some bad guys from their past who tried to crash the wedding, but that was it, and at no point did the ass-kicking derail or otherwise ruin the main event. It was amazing. Never seen anything like it on any crime show, ever.
+ Also: the emotional breakdown hug from Better Angels, the "you thought you were pregnant today," convo, on-the-verge-of-being-exploded Deeks' possible goodbye speech ("It's okay. Look at me. You're best thing that ever happened to me and I love you."), and the largely bottle episode (Answers) with 12 pages of dialogue full of tearfully confessed fears from both and supportive hugs and kisses after they start actively trying to get pregnant and it doesn't happen right away.
+ On the Neric front: The cuddle-hug at the end of Born to Run. At least a couple of kisses and a mutual I Love You. Then Nell's mom got sick (hang on, this has a point) and in the process Nell had multiple breakdowns that required Eric to comfort her. Then he promptly left on secret assignment (during which time he briefly disappeared and she freaked out a lot about his safety) and their reunion hug was wonderful --

-- but also sad because Nell's mom is still sick and she is depressed and traumatized and she kinda lost the strongest pillar of her support system there.

"I missed you. I mean...I miss you."
+ Also
, there was a great deal of girlbonding between Kensi & Nell in both the current and prior season and it has been amazing.

Criminal Minds: for the second time in one season, Reid is held hostage at gunpoint with a blonde female teammate.

Hawaii Five-0: When they just randomly had an entire episode about Grace getting in a car accident and being hospitalized with severe head trauma (that is cured within 1 episode). The only case is figuring out how the accident happened. Most of it is a bottle episode in the hospital.

Madam Secretary: Madam PRESIDENT. (I haven't watched a single episode, but I love daydreaming about living in her universe even more now)

Blood & Treasure: [Spoiler (click to open)]

  • "Look, I don't know what she is [to me]. All I know is somebody's got to stop this guy [...], and she's gonna try and do it herself, and she's gonna get hurt. And if anything happened to her, I don't know, I..."

  • Danny bandaging up Lexi's knife wound

  • Head on shoulder at the refugee camp

  • The first kiss and morning after

  • Comfort hug after Fabi's death

  • Thumbing away a tear before forehead touch & swoony kissing at "Shadow of Projekt Athena"'s end

  • Mutual forehead lean at end of next episode

  • The protective/supportive post-explosion embrace in classic "woman struggling against and hitting person firmly preventing her from running into danger before surrendering and collapsing in grief" style

  • "Darling, you got stabbed by an ice pick." ("DARLING"! from LEXI! as an ACTUAL CASUAL TERM OF ENDEARMENT and not even a sassy toss-off!)

  • Last kiss

(And that's just what I remember, given Tumblr's failure to gif most of it and my failure to do episode reactions)

NCIS: ZIVA IS CONFIRMED ALIVE. AND we get journal entries illuminating her perspective of when the team (Tony, specifically) came to rescue her in Somalia. (a.k.a. the entire reason i like to imagine TV shows as novels. IT'S ABOUT...the feelings in prose.)

Broadchurch: Was Alec Hardy having a nightmare and/or acute symptom attack and/or in the hospital? And/or crying? Then that was a squee moment. Also any scene with his daughter (or her voicemail); "I miss you, Tess"; the straight outta fanfic There Is Only One Bed scene, and the flashback scene with Claire. Haven't gotten to S3 yet.

The Escape Artist: Best summarized as "I quite literally cannot even imagine any scraps of indulgent missing-scene fanfiction I would daydream about, because every single one I would normally come up with has already played out before my eyes on film."
In the romantic sense there are smooches, bedtime cuddling, hysterical grief, and quiet grief, and then there are approx. 5900 comfort hugs and/or cuddles between father and son, including soothing after a nightmare.

Good Omens: [Spoiler (click to open)]The "breakup" scene, the "never mind I'm sorry NOW can we run away together??" apology, "I'll give you a lift/you go too fast for me," Crowley screaming for Aziraphale in the burning bookshop and losing his shit when he's not there, and subsequently drowning his sorrows in alcohol because "I lost my best friend." Oh, and "you can stay at my place, if you like."

Movie Edition
The Keeping Hours: So much grief-hugging. Also one of the only PG-rated sex scenes I have ever found somewhat way hot. And "are you sorry?" the next morning.

Possession: my brain has buffed away the specifics so as to enjoy this fresh later on, but there is a lot of excellent kissing action in this movie. My stars.

Breaking Dawn Pt. 2: A couple I did not even remember from the book steals the show on film:
[the lone gifset illustration]

(and none for Edward/Bella, bye)

Last Christmas: The apartment scene.[spoiler (click to open)]
 (Specifically, the part where she was CURLED UP IN HIS ARMS, CRYING NO LESS, for the sweetest and most comforting cuddle I have ever seen until her tears dried and he put her to bed. Sadly without joining her, as invited, but with an even sweeter good night kiss so that was good enough for me.)

8. Biggest fandom disappointment(s) of the year
Criminal Minds: JJ (married mother of 2 who had ample time and opportunity to date him first) tells Reid she's "always loved him," apparently not in a friend/big sister way?? Still holding out hope this is a big misunderstanding/misdirection, but if not...

9. Favorite villain of the year
Karim Farouk (as played by Oded Fehr) on Blood & Treasure. You cannot make terrorists that handsome, damn.

10. Favorite f/f couple of the year
Thought I had one this year but darned if I can think of it now. Instead, let me use this space to talk about how much I enjoyed the Stranger Things gifsets of Eleven and that redheaded girl, and making up pleasant stories in my head about their friendship adventures in the plots of hypothetical perfectly realistic 1980s middle grade novels.

11. Favorite m/m couple of the year
Crowley/Aziraphale, I guess. But so much on, like, a spiritually and emotionally romantic plane only that it's weird to imagine them hugging. My brain will grudgingly allow the concept of touch for the purpose of injury-tending and that's

12. Fandom that you never expected to get into
I truly thought I was just gonna wave at the Good Omens fandom as it went by, maybe check out the Tennant clips when I had time.

13. Fandom that made an unexpected comeback
Pushing Daisies, Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures and, in secret late-breaking news I only briefly alluded to by mentioning the podcast, The Office. I've watched from the pilot to halfway through season 2 and also a weirdly large amount of season 8, given how much I once claimed to hate that (turns out I like most of it more than season 5 and am also less averse to watching it than season 3? interesting).

14. Fandom that inspired the most crack
Good Omens inspired the most everything, crack included.

15. Your main fandom throughout the year
I believe I divided it fairly evenly between Survivor, Pushing Daisies, and Doctor Who. (Good Omens is still kind of a side chick for me. Broadchurch was a passionate 3-week affair who just happens to still be in my contact list. Blood & Treasure was everything to me for 1 day a week all summer and then disappeared from my conscious thought in between; it was weird.)

16. The most missed of your old fandoms
Pushing Daisies or Doctor Who for sure. I didn't think PD was gonna have any competition, but HAHAHAHA.

17. Fandom predictions for next year
+ Another man from fandoms past breaks free from where he's been pushed to the back of the crowd over time and sprints forward to reclaim the center spotlight (perhaps Darren Criss? he doing anything coming up? how 'bout Billy Burke?).

+ I somehow watch even fewer currently-airing shows

+ NCIS lets us have a Tiva reunion in May (plz plz don't drag it out, but if you do, remember late is better than never).

+ Almost Family gets panned & canned, probably to my secret relief.

+ Blood & Treasure returns better than ever.

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