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SUCCESS! And while I'm here, a review.

*hightails it for the spoiler section as if fired by a slingshot*

(*pause* And by last night, I mean back on Sunday, but if I switch from rich text to HTML to fix the cut text, it will screw everything up.)

One of these days, I should learn that this is by far the most liberal show I watch, and as such, should not be trusted to handle certain topics in any way that does not horrify me.  For example, this episode.

Cold Case - 5x02, "That Woman" 

First of all, there are some people – especially those IN HIGH SCHOOL – who choose to remain virgins for reasons that have nothing to do with God or religion.  Second of all, abstinence does not cause an excess of raging hormones to build up until the people go crazy from lack of release.  Third of all – I’m sorry, I can’t seem to get past the stupidity of the second of all.  So out of the four supposedly good kids in the Hearts Wait club, 2 of them are shagging like bunnies (and crying afterwards, apparently, like…if you’re that distraught about, why would you do it more than once in the first place?!), one of them may or may not be here as a way to repress his homosexuality, and the other one is having sex dreams about her youth minister.  (Question the First: why are you DISCUSSING THIS FACT – IN DETAIL - WITH THE PERSON IN SAID DREAMS?  Question the Second: why can’t you just accept that this your subconscious playing with the fact that you have a harmless little crush, and not indicative of something you will inevitably find yourself doing in the future unless someone stops you?  Question the Third: how did your harmless crush manifest itself into sex dreams in the first place?)

What really bothered me was the insinuation that these kids would have been fine if they’d just given in to their urges.  That’s the vibe I got from the detectives leaning in over the suspects’ shoulders in interrogation, mockingly tossing out phrases like “she came in and corrupted you!”

Even though STONING A GIRL TO DEATH was obviously not an appropriate reaction, I can’t say I blamed them for becoming a wee bit infuriated at how Promiscuous Girl (as she will henceforth be known; I have no sympathy for her supposed attempt to save her reputation if she developed that reputation before she was 16) ruined their group.  Because she kind of did, blathering on about how it wasn’t necessarily something dirty and shameful…I mean, if you’re in high school, it might as well be. I’m a firm believer in teenagers not having sex for any reason, because they are young and stupid and it’s pointless at best, dangerous at worst.  Any and all scare tactics used to hammer this point home are quite welcome; opinions to the contrary are not (see also: all health classes I had to endure).  That being said, using the Bible as justification for cold-blooded murder was both sickening and unbelievably stupid.  I had to fast-forward a few bits in there because I just couldn’t stand watching it happen.

However, the episode wins a small point back for using “Black Balloon” as the closing song.  That sent me into fits of euphoric glee – it’s one of my middle school songs!  My fall-of-8th-grade soundtrack, when I first started listening to the radio…every time I hear one of those, I am swept away with nostalgia (along with the feeling that I was JUST in 8th grade, like, yesterday.  Also, I would like to go back there; it was a good year).   

It also wins points for Kat looking annoyed and dragging her daughter away from her apparent admiration of a harlot-dressed window display model.  Isn’t that kid like 10 years old?  I may have started listening to the Spice Girls at age 11, but I was always distinctly embarrassed by their lack of proper clothing coverage. 

Lastly, I am no longer quite so interested in this Scotty-being-blamed-for-improper-shooting storyline.  I feel like this has been done one too many times, like IAD is incapable of being portrayed as anything other than the big bad guys who look at every fired bullet as a chance to destroy a detective’s career.   

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