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Top 10 Bookish Discoveries in 2019

Almost made this a top-10-new-to-me-authors list, but then decided I had some other things to shout about after all.

(Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl; follow the link for the full link roundup.)

1. r/books on Reddit
As people here know, only in the last 15 months or so have I dipped my toe into Reddit, formerly a maelstrom of confusing old-school message board style with a vernacular I just didn't get. But since early last year, I've been loving this sub's Weekly FAQ and Simple Questions posts, as well the other general questions and discussion posts. I don't go in for discussing specific books as much, but fortunately, there is plenty of general reader talk to satisfy me.
Sub-subreddits I love: r/bookshelf and r/bookhaul

2. Library Extension
I already crowed about this once, but it's still so great! A browser extension that allows you to instantly see, when visiting a book page on Goodreads or Amazon, its availability in whichever library system(s) you choose (though it does, on occasion, fail to recognize books that are actually in the catalog). I do not know how I functioned without it.

3. Chirp Books
Was this advertised to me as a sponsored post on Reddit? Yes. Is it, in fact, exactly what was advertised, a.k.a. "why spend $15+ a month on an Audible membership when you can find audiobook deals here for as low as 99 cents to $5?" Also yes. I did check the books they're offering at that sounds-too-good-to-be-true price, and they absolutely include books I have read or would read.

This deal has since expired, but I just bought What the Dead Leave Behind, one of my 5-star reads in 2017, for 99 cents. See for yourself! Not everything's a deal, the catalog is on the small side and I know Audible has other benefits, but this is a good resource if you want to expand beyond the library catalog and/or want to test out inexpensive audiobooks you can keep. Only annoyance so far is that you can't listen offline unless you listen via your stupid non-computer device on one of those stupid apps.

4. Rolife's DIY Miniature House Kits (+ cool photos on Instagram)
(click for full size)

I saw this one ("Sam's Study," though I think we can safely call it a bookstore) advertised on a few people's "gift ideas for book lovers" lists last month and I fell IN LOVE. I might actually get this in the next year or so. Fiance enjoys making model robots, which is admittedly more connecting plastic than using glue, but perhaps we could build things simultaneously!

5. Fair Trade Books' mascot
A used bookstore one short day trip away that I knew with a SURPRISE DOGGO I did not! His name is Reveler and he's a golden labrador and he's a very good boy.

6. Open Library
In case you were not paying attention to my post from 4 hours ago (and you shouldn't, it's a mess), THIS SITE IS SO GOOD. And you don't even have to already belong to a library to use it.

I didn't precisely discover it in 2019, but 2019 is when it started to get super relevant to my life, as I realized the sheer extent to which I could now instantly read all of the beautiful old picture books and other juvenile literature I love, the ones that Goodreads often reacts to with a general response of "Hew?" and/or "I've never seen that book's cover/summary/number of pages/publication date in my life."

7. David Tennant, Audiobook Narrator Superstar
I knew he'd done Doctor Who books, obviously, but besides rarely being stocked in libraries here, those are abridged versions -- fun extras, but not the same as properly reading a book. I couldn't believe it when I typed his name into the library catalog expecting nothing but DVD results, and instead SHAZAM. A whole slew of children's books popped up. Admittedly they are 90% by Cressida Cowell + 1 book that is even more terrible*. But still! The Dream Celebrity Narrator is not a pipe dream.

*There are more than that in existence, I just haven't investigated interlibrary loan options yet. (......oh my god why have I not investigated interlibrary loan options yet. LOOK AT ALL THE DOCTOR WHO AUDIOS I CAN APPARENTLY GET NOW THAT I COULDN'T 9 YEARS AGO)

8. Supplemental e-book exclusives
The only thing better than reading a great book is having Goodreads give you a notice that there's a bonus chapter or even full-fledged short story, usually in the form of an epilogue or missing scene. It's like when you go looking for a fanfic patch, except it's canon-quality and canon-compliant and you didn't have to be exposed to a single bad fic to find it. Since I usually haven't paid for the book itself (as a library user! not pirate), it's very much worth the $0 to $2. Specifically, I'm excited about:

[4 that are behind this cut to save space; click to reveal]+ Wishes and Dreams by Lurlene McDaniel: with my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE CHARACTERS, set in the time gap between The Year of Luminous Love and The Year of Chasing Dreams

+ Shopaholic on Honeymoon by Sophie Kinsella: because 9 years ago I read book 4 in this series and explicitly complained, "way to gloss over their 10-month honeymoon aaround the world." (she still did, honestly, but we get to see 28 pages covering at least a few days of it and ya know what, I'll take it).

+ I Still Love You by Jane Lark: I haven't read I Found You yet and don't know if I will because if it's too New Adult-y in the bad (explicit) way I will bounce, but it is on my TBR until I can locate a free copy, and this bridge between it and its sequel was free, so that seemed like a good thing to collect if the romance works for me.

+ I'm counting the volumes of short stories that accompany season 2 of Broadchurch, because they're by the same author who turned season 1 into a novel. Which on its own was definitely a top book discovery of 2019, but I've already mentioned it a lot this past quarter.

9. Fiance has not only read Little Women (as part of a Victorian Literature course in college), he loves it.
No one has ever been more excited than me that I can discuss one of my favorite books with both of my favorite people! (Mom is the other)

10. TBD because I'm sure I have another one, but I wanna join the party post before I go to bed.

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