RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,


Apparently Digimon is being rebooted?? And I'm having so many complicated Interview Lady feelings right now. Interview Lady 8: Interview Lady Does a Podcast! a.k.a. Screw You Dave (Our New Radio Station Is The Internet)

Also I'm realizing I remember basically nothing that happened in actual canon, which I left behind a long time ago. Digimon The Canon had a good run from 1999-2001, but Interview Lady ran strong from 2000 to 2005 and used mainly their 02 ages with largely OOC personalities that I grew to love, so I really don't remember what The Children were up to way back when.

Update: WHAT in heaven's name is Digimon Tri and are those really our same Digi Destined characters as young adults??

...I hate that this is the one fandom I consistently try to erase from my fandom history whenever I talk about it, and yet in my heart I know I can't do so when this is all it takes to whip me back into a mild frenzy about it.
Tags: digimon
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