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The Ten Most Recent Additions to My Bookshelf

This week's Top Ten Tuesday Topic is super fun. My answers reflect additions to my physical bookshelf, a.k.a. book buys! Because who doesn't love that.

(NOTE: this is a queued post and will be linked back to the main one when I get a chance.)

Listed in order of most to least recently purchased, publication date in parentheses. I haven't acquired a new book since November and I am trying very hard to remain on this diet as long as possible. On a related note, I have only read 2 of these books since purchasing them, one of which is a picture book, so that's my reasoning as to why.

1. Buttercups and Daisy - Elizabeth Cragoe (1976)
How can I resist a memoir about amateur farming in the English countryside? With COWS on the cover??

2. Scruffy - Jack Stoneley (1981)
At the same library sale as the above, I snatched up what either IS a childhood favorite, or is simply very similar to a different childhood favorite called Spunky, and presumably just as good.

3. The Egyptian Jukebox: A Conundrum - Nick Bantock (1993)
When I tell you I SCREAMED that after unsuccessfully searching used books everywhere for Bantock titles I don't have, I managed to find one in the Basement of Bargain Prices at my favorite antiquarian bookstore... I haven't even been able to get this one from the local library, and I just think all of his books are so cool to look at.

4. Grief Girl - Erin Vincent (2008)
The cover on this was just so beautiful that I HAD to get it, since it was only a dollar. I'm always drawn to the scenario of losing both parents at once when 1 of their offpsring is a young adult suddenly facing custody of one or more younger siblings.

5. The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter (2010)
As recently flailed about here. I didn't realize it was gonna be the size of an actual Bible when I ordered it online, but I refuse to regret it.

[Then I technically bought 14 books at once at the Half Price Books Clearance Sale, as previously posted about, so in the interest of new content we're going to skip past those and go a bit older.]

6. Slip: The Story Of a Little Fox - Phoebe Erickson (1948)
A thrift store was going out of business, so for 43 cents including tax, I grabbed this random vintage picture book with beautiful illustrations.

7. The Last Goodie - Stephen Schwandt (1985)
At the same thrift store, I grabbed a teen mystery I remember enjoying in high school. It's a newer edition in perfect condition, with blindingly white pages.

8. My Husband the Stranger - Rebecca Done (2017)
I had to buy this because I couldn't get it even through interlibrary loan, which I'm still salty about because I probably wouldn't have bought it if I could have borrowed. But I got it because I REALLY wanted a novel version of the scenario in "Recovery," and it was definitely worth the first read. Maybe not a second read, but it has some passages worth revisiting, so I'll probably keep it.

9. Root, Petal, Thorn - Ella Jay Olsen (2016)
I'm not wild about the Mormon part of its roots, and if that proves too prevalent I might read & release, but otherwise...this summary is EVERYTHING I LOVE about a) restoring a new-to-you old house and b) delving into its history. This & # 10 were both bought off the library sale cart.

10. Heart's Desire - Laura Pedersen (2005)
Sequel to a book still on my TBR, snagged because it was cheap and given its age, I think the local library will probably have purged their copy by the time I get around to wanting to read it.

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