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Library Triage

I have only finished 4 books so far this year, in part because I am currently in the middle of SO MANY BOOKS that I've started and then tossed aside, too restless and full of potential treasure to concentrate or stick with any of them. And I have a huge queue of even more I want. So. Here is my attempt to sort them all out.

Currently Reading
Little Women: I am most successful at this one so far, being about 75% done.

The Swiss Affair: I got a hankering for an age-appropriate student/teacher romance and this was the best option in the library catalog. The setting is vivid and beautifully described, but for some reason, I haven't been totally hooked on it yet. 70 pages in.

A Sparkle of Silver: A Glitter of Gold was such a romantic delight and this is basically a remix, but I'm only 20 pages in because the stupid thing took forever to come in on request and by that point, a pile of new books had appeared and I'm struggling to get back to the "frothy romance w/ secrets in an old family diary" mindset.

100 Best Books For Children - Anita Silvey: A wonderful "reading capsule," published in 2002 but largely relying on older books. Each one is given a 1-2 page essay with a brief summary of the book and some of its background or other interesting details. I have barely started it because my brain can't take this much agreement with what constitutes classic children's literature.

Newbery and Caldecott medal books, 1976-1985 - ed. Lee Kingman: A hard book to describe, but part of its title is technically "with acceptance papers, biographies, and related material chiefly from the Horn Book magazine." It's heavy as heck for being only 337 pages (if a bit oversized), but it's so beautifully retro and dense with splendid detail about each winner as described in the subtitle. I'm not sure I will actually be able to read it, because I still want to read so many of the books in it, and this tome relies upon you being familiar with the source material, or very cool with being spoiled on it. But I just love that it exists and that the library still has it. Wish they had more and even older ones.

I'd Rather Be Reading - Anne Bogel: A gift-sized book that I am halfway through but had to put down because even though it's short, it feels like every sentence is so rich and relatable, and I wanted to be able to focus on it fully.

About To Be Abandoned
All of these were checked out with the batch in November/December, and are on their final renewal because I had too many other books with them that I read first, and by the time I got to these it was January and a new batch was on deck.

  • The Distance Between Us: ah well. maybe it's better as a spring book after all.

  • Goldengrove: not a big loss. It was only a passing fancy, and I had to wait 1.5 weeks from said passing fancy to get it out of a faraway branch. Will try again later.

  • One True Theory of Love: REALLY annoyed because this is one of the ones I was MOST excited about, but I had to request it in from the farthest branch in the other county, and it took so long that I had to start on books with higher priority due dates/request lists first. And now I'm not quite as hot for it as I was, and I don't want to spoil it by reading at the wrong time.

New Checkouts

  • Runaway Max (audiobook): I care about one aspect of Stranger Things and that is the cuteness of Max and Eleven in season 2. This is a prequel to the show with just Max, which I think is as close as I can get to pretending this show is based on a middle grade novel with no sci-fi or supernatural elements whatsoever. I snagged it in audiobook because this was on my TBR and I was looking for audiobook options. Might give back until night work starts, though.

  • Good Omens -- both book and audiobook; not sure which version I want (still kinda sad we can't just have David Tennant, or at least Michael Sheen or Frances McDormand, read the whole thing). Might save both for another time because the physical book didn't come in until 8 days before the CD was due and they're both hotly requested.

  • A Little Princess (reading Little Women + books about children's classics really made me decide it is Time to plug this gaping hole in my child lit canon)

  • The Secret Garden (might as well read this one too. or reread. my mom keeps saying she thinks I've read it, but I truly don't remember it, and forgetting childhood reads is not real common with me)

Pending Little Women Themed Checkouts

  • Meg and Jo (I am...not sure my heart has the strength for this, tbh. Seems messy to go for a modern-day adult sequel)

  • The Mother-Daughter Book Club (their first book is Little Women -- I've always thought this middle grade series looked cute, but now the fire is EXTRA lit)

  • The Annotated Little Women (I am on a dismally long request list, still number 6 for 2 copies...but that's right, Imma read this book twice in 4 months. I crave those annotations. I am spending my whole reread going 'god wouldn't it be great if there was an annotation for this?' at least twice a chapter.)

  • Little Men (IT MIGHT FINALLY BE TIME. Especially since I'm primed for the writing style.)

  • The Courtship of Jo March: my splendid "what if Jo and Laurie ended up together" AU, but restricted to an ebook, so, you know...unlikely I will get to it.

  • The Little Women Cookbook (not to read so much as just to enjoy looking at, but still. On a request list right now, but it's due back in a week and then it's my turn)

  • Little Women and Me (a YA novel I'll have to get via ILL, from a middling-quality author, but I'm up for it! This is not my first 'teenager jumps into a classic book' rodeo)

BONUS: Movie Checkouts I Need To Sit My Butt Down And Watch

  • Ladybird: I have been vaguely meaning to see it since it came out, but my Little-Women-2019-obsessed self is definitely primed for another visit from the Gerwig/Ronan/Chalamet dream team (they were only very recently upgraded to dream team, being previously known as Saoirse Ronan and the Sad Lunch Bunch).

  • 12 Strong: 13 Hours style, with a slightly less attractive lead but bonus horses

  • Adult Life Skills: I know nothing about this one, but it's the beautiful Jodie Whittaker paired with an arrested development plot and this is very appealing to me.

  • The Tribes of Palos Verdes: Unsure if I will watch this, but Jennifer Garner's in the mom role so I figured, while I'm grabbing any random thing that might convince me to retire to bed at 7 or 8pm and relax...

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