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Second Look: My 2010 Reading List

For two years now, i have done a "second look" at the books on my reading list from ten years ago. The tradition continues! It's starting to be my favorite part of the beginning of the year.

Ah, 2010. The year I had to temporarily ban myself from books until I found paid employment. The year I told myself I was totally not gonna care about hitting 100 books, and then abruptly decided in August that WAIT YES I ABSOLUTELY DID CARE and scrambled to meet my quota. I went through another decade of triple digits but I'm once again trying to embrace the idea of "not caring" this year; maybe I should implement the ban-reading-until-(sufficiently)-employed thing, too.

Anyway, let's put a pin in that and time-travel to a world where I was 23/24. Visit my original reading list w/ reviews here, or just jump straight in to the new commentary. Original formatting rules apply: bold = 5 stars, italics = 4 stars, plain text is 2 or 3 (you have to guess from my tone!), and strikethrough = 1 star. Original title links go to Amazon because I wasn't cool enough for Goodreads yet.
1. How to Make a Wave - Lisa Hurst-Archer.  224 pg/2008.  [1/13]
Kicking things off with a bang, I cannot remember a single thing about this.

2. Everything Beautiful - Simmone Howell.  292 pg/2008. [2/13]
I do not directly remember this either, beyond what I said in the review.

3. Sister Wife - Shelley Hrdlitschka.  269 pg/2008. [2/14]
I can't even tell this apart in my memory from the sister wives book I read the following year (The Chosen One),

4. Madapple - Christina Meldrum.  404 pg/2008. [2/16]
My review is burned into my memory. This book's plot details are not.

5. Outside Beauty - Cynthia Kadohata.  [2/20]
I keep confusing this with How To Make a Wave, until I remember this one is about sisters. Still can't remember much about it. (I'm so glad I write reviews now, even if they are often longer and more rambling than they need to be. 2025-and-Beyond Me better be grateful.)

6. The Blue Hour: A Life of Jean Rhys [NF] - Lilian Pizzichini.  304 pg/2009.  [5/2]
This wasn't the most scintillating, but I'm really glad I read it and learned about her.

7. Wide Sargasso Sea - Jean Rhys.  171 pg/1966. [5/7]
Glad I experienced this too.

8. Lucky Us - Joan Silber.  276 pg/2001 [6/4]
I still think about them sometimes, mostly because they were SO very firmly Lupin-and-Tonks in my head. I have to read my own review to remind myself that they are better thought about than actually revisited. (mind the spoilers!)

9. ****The Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield.  406 pg/2006.****  [6/12]
This changed my life, and is really the turning point in what made me think 21st century adult books could actually be good. The funny thing is, I now have only super vague recollections of the plot. I need to reread it, but I'm scared it won't recapture the magic, even though (or perhaps because?) at the time it was one of those "FIVE STARS AREN'T NEARLY ENOUGH" experiences.

10. Yamsi: A Year in the Life of a Wilderness Ranch [NF] - Dayton Hyde.  348 pg/1971.  [6/17]
The first in a trio of my vintage scores from a local used paperbacks store, this was such an awesome reading experience, and such a summer treat. I've mostly forgotten the details, but in a way where I'm sure I'd love reading it again.

11. Halic: The Story of a Gray Seal - Ewan Clarkson.  158 pg/1970.  [7/13]
Awww. Fond memories here too, and still own this one as well.

12. Frosty: A Raccoon to Remember - Harriet E. Weaver.  192 pg/1973.  [NF] [7/15]
The last of the bookstore trio, I have NEVER forgotten Frosty for a second. This book is both very clear about why raccoons make bad pets, and very bad at not making me jealous of people who are able to handle their destructive antics and be rewarded by their daily companionship.

13. Term Paper - Ann Rinaldi. 202 pg/1980. [8/14]
My original review said "Note to self: out of print, buy at library sale someday." And that is just exactly what I did. Still haven't read the sequel, whoops. It also STILL doesn't have a cover image on Goodreads or Amazon, wtf. (I can't photograph mine because it's covered in light-reflecting plastic library wrap & obfuscating stickers I don't want to remove.)

14. The Adoration of Jenna Fox - Mary E. Pearson.  265 pg/2008. [8/15]
Apparently this failed-to-meet-its-potential book has sequels now, which, haha NOPE.

15. Chosen By a Horse [NF] - Susan Richards.  248 pg/2006.  [8/19]
This book impressed me a lot when I first read it; I ended up buying it and still think it's a good memoir, but now I barely remember its content and don't care about this fact, so I culled my copy.

16. Saving Gracie [NF] - Susan Bradley.  219 pg/2010.  [8/22]
A bland read.

17. Waiting for Christopher - Louise Hawes.  224 pg/2002. [8/22]
This was a solid little novel, even if it didn't personally float my boat. Very early 2000s feel, but I still remember commending it for not having a central romance at all.

18. Harmless - Dana Reinhardt.  229 pg/2007.  [8/22]
Dana Reinhardt, strike 1.

19. The Blind Faith Hotel - Pamela Todd.  312 pg/2008. [8/25]
I don't remember many details, but I remember this being lovely. I wish it was more well known/talked about.

20. Puppet - Eva Wiseman.  243 pg/2009.  [8/27]
I didn't know about this era of history. Not memorable but I'm glad I read it.

21. The Rhino with Glue-On Shoes [NF] - ed. Lucy Spelman & Ted Mashima.  310 pg/2009.  [8/31]
Still one of my favorite book titles ever, haha. (the title may have been the best part of it)

22. Secrets of Truth and Beauty - Megan Frazer.  347 pg/2009.  [9/5]
Fun fact, this is the first YA novel I ever read with an LGBT theme, albeit not on purpose. Still mad this book did not live up to its potential.

23. The Pastures of Beyond [NF] - Dayton Hyde.  254 pg/2005.  [9/5]
Surprised I didn't rate this higher; I remember it fondly, and that was definitely the right time to read more Dayton Hyde.

24. Dog - Michelle Herman.  188 pg/2005.  [9/5]
Nope. Still not old enough to think this would be worth a reread. Plus I assumed I would be a lonely old maid like the woman in this book by the time I hit 45, and it's looking very much like that will not be the case!

25. How to Build a House - Dana Reinhardt.  227 pg/2008.  [9/6]
Dana Reinhardt, strike 2.

26. Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World [NF] - Vicki Myron w/ Bret Witter.  277 pg/2008. [9/6]
The only thing I regret about this read is that I short-sightedly paid several dollars for it at Half Price Books, when it was readily available everywhere for $1-2 within a couple of years after that. The book itself was perfect and later inspired my own trip to meet a small town library cat, which was as great an experience as this book made it seem.

27. Earthgirl - Jennifer Cowan.  232 pg/2009.  [9/8]
I still can't believe this is so poorly rated on Goodreads. I bumped it up to 4 stars there just because it's so entertaining in its ridiculousness. Have you never met an overzealous young activist, more silly than exhausting?? P.S. HER BLOG STILL EXISTS! Thank u Wordpress and your apparent immortality.

28. The Daughters - Joanna Philbin.  275 pg/2010. [9/12]
I was very impressed with this back in the day, being written in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants mold, but I've gotten really bored with it since.

29. Purge - Sara Darrer Littman.  234 pg/2009.  [9/12]
The best thing about this book is the cover model and her pretty hair. Not a recommended read.

30. A Little Friendly Advice - Siobhan Vivian.  248 pg/2008. [9/12]
A very solid friendship story I still smile at when I look it up on Goodreads. If I see a copy I'm buying it. It's small and compact, it'll fit.

31. Stealing Henry - Carolyn MacCullough.  196 pg/2005.  [9/13]
Honestly, I often confuse this with Waiting for Christopher. The only thing I know that's different is that this has dual timelines.

32. The Off Season - Catherine Gilbert Murdock.  277 pg/2007.  [9/13]
It's been over 9 years and I still haven't gotten over how much Amber annoyed me in this enough to read any of the other books, or even reread Dairy Queen.

33. The Daily Coyote [NF] - Shreve Stockton. 287 pg/2008 [9/18]
Another one I paid too much for at Half Price Books, but I still love it. And the blog is still going! The coyote is still alive. I think that's magical.

34. The Dogs Who Came to Stay [NF] - George Pitcher. 163 pg/1995. [9/19]
I own this now, and think about it a lot and sometimes even page through it. What a beautiful story. Five stars well earned.

35. Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover's Story of Joy and Anguish [NF] - Mark Levin.  216 pg/2007.  [9/19]
I see this book at library sales a lot, and I assume it's because everyone else also realized how annoying it was, but it still makes me grumpy when I see it spoiling the pet section.

36. Picture Perfect - D. Anne Love.  291 pg/2007.  [9/19]
Original review: "Entertaining?  It kept me reading until the end without a break," and 2.5 years later I already couldn't remember enough to elaborate for Goodreads.

37. A Lion Called Christian [NF]- Anthony Bourke & John Rendall.  226 pg/1971 (2009 updated edition);  [9/20]
At the time I was mad I had to read the updated version, but now I think I actually appreciate having more of the story, even if it means less "having a pet lion was such a lark!" attitude.

38. Home Is the North - Walt Morey.  160 pg/1967.  [9/22]
A classic Walt Morey book that not really remember, but am happy to declare quality on principle.

39. Kicked, Bitten and Scratched: Life and Lessons at the World's Premier School for Exotic Animal Trainers [NF] - Amy Sutherland.  317 pg/2006. [9/24]
Any time I'm like, "How lucky are people who get to work with wild animals!", I remind myself that they probably had to endure something like this. This was such a fun reading experience, though.

40. Bad Apple - Laura Ruby. 249 pg/2009. [9/25]
I always remember being fascinated that Dollsome rated this 4 stars, and me being like, "But what is THERE? It's so plain??"

Laura Ruby has since become a real meh name to me and I'm still annoyed that this book gets put on "student/teacher relationship" lists despite CLEARLY NOT DELIVERING ON THOSE GOODS. I'm sorry, I have lowkey rage.

41. Flanders Point - Jacquie Gordon. 336 pg/1997. [9/30]
By contrast, this was SO good. It had flaws, but it's one of those books that had a lasting impact. I need to find the right faces to cast it for a reread, but when I do, I am going to sink very luxuriously back into this 1950s Allowable student/teacher romance. It sucks that the library purged their copy without my knowledge and I haven't seen it for sale since. *whispers, Rose Tyler style* Find me, [book fairies]! Find me...

42. All We Know of Heaven - Jacquelyn Mitchard. 312 pg/2008. [10/1]
Worth reading once for the plot / medical scenarios. Not the characters.

43. The Miles Between - Mary E. Pearson. 266 pg/2009. [10/2]
Strike two and out for Mary Pearson. Unexpected magical realism was unwanted.

44. Ghost Town - Richard W. Jennings. 165 pg/2009. [10/4]
Bizarre. So boring. So forgettable.

45. Shopaholic Ties the Knot - Sophie Kinsella. 327 pg/2003. [10/7]
I had so much fun discovering Becky Bloomwood by going straight from the film to this book. I still haven't read the first two in the series and I probably never shall (because I've kind of outgrown this brand). But it was a great transition series for me out of YA.

46. The Dashwood Sisters' Secrets of Love - Rosie Rushton. 325 pg/2005. [10/9]
I'm not convinced this was as bad as I remember. But admittedly, I am currently obsessed with imagining Little Women as a modern-day YA novel, and love the idea of subjecting other classic favorites to the same treatment. No question about it, I am ready to get hurt by this book again.

47. Becoming Jane Eyre - Sheila Kohler. 232 pg/2009. [10/10]
But this was definitely bad. I regret this read.

48. A Kiss Remembered - Sandra Brown. 183 pg/1983. [10/15]
Honestly this terrible read was worth it just because my review was epic and is still probably my most popular one on Goodreads, and I can lol about it forever now. This book is the true definition of awfsome.

49. Shopaholic & Baby - Sophie Kinsella. 359 pg/2007. [10/16]
Probably still my favorite Shopaholic book. Every love story is more fun when you toss a first pregnancy in. Plus, "she's a red-haired bitch and I hate her" is basically as iconic as a Mean Girls quote to me at this point.

50. Inkheart - Cornelia Funke. 534 pg/2003. [10/22]
Magic! I need to reread this book someday, but for now, I just enjoy the memories.

51. All My Patients Have Tales: Favorite Stories from a Vet's Practice [NF] - Dr. Jeff Wells. 226 pg/2006. [10/22]
I don't remember specific details, but I know this was a quality example of a modern day vet memoir.

52. Shopaholic & Sister - Sophie Kinsella. 355 pg/2004. [10/23]
I read this solely for a sense of completion (with the part of the series I read) and I will never go back. Her sister sucks.

53. Worlds Apart - Lindsay Lee Johnson. 166 pg/2005. [10/24]
This is such a non-entity to me that I don't even remember being annoyed enough to bust it down to 2 stars.

54. The Way He Lived - Emily Wing Smith. 232 pg/2008. [10/26]
OTOH, I was so offended by this book's lack of plot that its title instantly makes me mad. I also recently learned this author published a memoir?? Why. I have never less wanted to know the story behind a YA book's author.

55. Paper Hearts - Debrah Williamson.  333 pg/2007. [10/27]
Definitely one of the best books of the year. I haven't read it again, but I have it on my shelf and I send beaming imaginary hearts in its direction often. I recently took it down to page through it/jog my memory, and my heart went into a SWOON.

56. Inkspell - Cornelia Funke. 635 pg/2005. [10/29]
The acknowledged weak point of the trilogy, but I'd read it again in a heartbeat if I had the time.

57. We Bought a Zoo [NF] - Benjamin Mee. 261 pg/2008. [10/30]
I'm so happy that the Matt Damon movie was the improvement I hoped it would be! Because seriously, this book's only other redeeming value is making me excited to play a lot of Zoo Tycoon (still. to this day).

58. Inkdeath - Cornelia Funke. 663 pg/2008. [11/7]

59. Cormac: The Tale of a Dog Gone Missing - Sonny Brewer. 228 pg/2007. [11/7]
Another of my early "wow, adult books are not all terrible??" scores, albeit because this is BASICALLY a pet memoir wrapped in just enough fictionalization to sell as a novel.

60. A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog [NF] - Dean Koontz. 271 pg/2009. [11/13]
I still haven't read a single Koontz novel, but this was a joyful read (despite inevitable sad ending). It was very hard to resist buying it at a library sale recently. It's not one I'm likely to reread in the near future, at least not until I have a dog again. But it's very, very good.

61. Chancey of the Maury River - Gigi Amateau. 246 pg/2008. [11/13]
I own a copy of this now and still I'm just so happy this modern-day Black Beauty exists.

62. Tango: The Tale of an Island Dog - Eileen Beha. 244 pg/2009. [11/13]
A book that earned 3 stars for doing the bare minimum, but one I generally regret reading and having as part of my literary history. Too many human characteristics and speech patterns in these animals.

63. A Horse of Her Own - Annie Wedekind. 275 pg/2008. [11/13]
One of an eternally rare breed of "quality 21st century standalone YA horse books." I wouldn't mind rereading this. Would buy it if I saw it.

64. Tales from a Dog Catcher [NF] - Lisa Duffy-Korpics. 252 pg/2009. [11/15]
This was such a great idea for a book, I'm surprised there haven't been a slew of copycat memoirs from other animal control/shelter workers. Are they all too burned out and sad? They're probably all too burned out and sad.

65. The Ghost Children - Eve Bunting. 166 pg/1989. [11/20]
I love that I didn't recognize that this was a children's book rather than YA until I finished reading it. But I'm glad, because I probably never would have read it otherwise, and it's perfect elementary-level spook.

66. First Daughter: White House Rules - Mitali Perkins. 216 pg/2008. [11/20]
This underwhelmed compared to the first book, but I'm still kind of surprised it ended at 2 -- it looked like this was gearing up for a series.

67. Leaving Jetty Road - Rebecca Burton. 248 pg/2004. [11/21]
I always confuse this with the cooler-titled but otherwise much-worse-sounding On the Jellicoe Road. I wish their popularity levels and awards would swap. Because I do remember just enough of this to know that I really liked the characters in it.

68. Kat's Fall - Shelley Hrdlitschka.  168 pg/2004. [11/24]
One of those books where I can more or less recall what happened due to its brevity, but I cannot for the life of me explain its plot or my reactions to it with words. This is a book that happened and was fine; the end.

69. Positively - Courtney Sheinmel. 216 pg/2009. [11/27]
VERY solid book that exists in a nebulous border between middle grade and the young side of YA, as defined by its lack of romance. I'm glad it introduced me to Courtney Sheinmel the Quality.

70. The Outside of a Horse - Ginny Rorby. 340 pg/2010. [11/27]
Awww. I decided this wasn't a purchasing priority for me since it is a little on the simplistic/young reader side, but I will happily declare it one of the best books published in 2010, no questions asked.

71. Mini Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella. 417 pg/2010. [11/28]
This is a close runner-up for my favorite Shopaholic book. I was SO EXCITED to get my hands on it, and it was a great reading experience, even though I ended up purging my copy for want of shelf space. It's also the last one I ever read, because I drifted away from the series and by the time I checked back, I had learned that[semi vague spoilers for the next 2 books]number 7 ended on a cliffhanger and number 8 involved some kind of unsavory adultery, and at this point, I'm happy stopping where I did. RIP to people who feel the need to suffer for a sense of completion but im different. *considers book 4* I'm different now, anyway.

72. Girl v. Boy - Yvonne Collins & Sandy Rideout. 311 pg/2008. [11/29]
This was such a...basic, neutral book. A classic example of why I should rate more of my books 4+ stars these days, because this is the original baseline of shelf-browsing selections I'm measuring against.

73. Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale [NF] - Gwen Cooper. 283 pg/2009. [11/30]
Still one of the best cat memoirs I've ever read. I talk it up everywhere. And then totally failed to pay attention to how she has SO MANY MORE CAT MEMOIRS NOW; a whole awesome jackpot next time I'm in the mood!

74. Hold Still - Nina LaCour. 229 pg/2009. [11/30]
I feel DEEP SHAME that over 9 years on, I have yet to read another LaCour novel, even though they all look appealing. I also feel mild to moderate annoyance by how many people I've seen praise the newer cover designs and say their dumb illustrations are better than this "so 2000 and not fine" photo cover.

75. North of Beautiful - Justina Chen Headley. 373 pg/2009. [12/1]
I couldn't even explain why it made an impact on me then -- I certainly can't now. But it did, and you should read it. (Should I reread it? Hmm...don't actually want to. I just want to bask in my past approval.)

76. I Now Pronounce You Someone Else - Erin McCahan. 258 pg/2010. [12/1]
I'm surprised I didn't give this 4 stars. I feel like every year, I get more fond about the idea of this 18-year-old high schooler trying to get married to her slightly older boyfriend. YOU MARRY HIM, BRONWEN, YOU MARRY HIM GOOD! Reread Little Women and be inspired!! I Am A Good Mentor For The Youths.

77. Where People Like Us Live - Patricia Cumbie. 210 pg/2008. [12/3]
Icky incest. Can't remember if it was quasi-consensual or rapey (yay for small forgetful mercies), but I feel like it was the latter.

78. Call Me Mimi - Francis Chalifour. 178 pg/2008. [12/3]
This book has very low ratings and it's weird, because I thought it was perfectly serviceable, if not one I'd ever read twice.

79. Dancing In Red Shoes Will Kill You - Dorian Cirrone. 213 pg/2005. [12/4]
It's cute that the level of feminism in this book used to be enough to annoy me.

80. The Carrie Diaries - Candace Bushnell. 389 pg/2010. [12/4]
I still can't believe this book concept exists. I'm glad I read it when I was still primed to care; I can't imagine trying now.

81. The Horses In My Life [NF] - Monty Roberts. 244 pg/2005. [12/4]
I own this now and I still love it with every fiber of my being.

82. Katie Up and Down the Hall [NF] - Glenn Plaskin. 254 pg/2010. [12/5]
I tried to love it but I still can't muster up much enthusiasm for this compared to all the better dog memoirs out there about cuter dogs.

83. A Dog's Life - Peter Mayle. 192 pg/1995. [12/6]
UGH, regrets. Read literally any of his other books instead. If it has "Provence" in the title you're golden.

84. Breathing - Cheryl Herbsman. 262 pg/2009. [12/9]
I own and should reread this. It was one of the first to make my "love stories/otp/shippy kicks/whatever the hell I've decided to call it at the moment" shelf on Goodreads, which I reserve for books with characters whose relationships actually make me ship them, instead of just reading along for the ride. But I'm worried it wouldn't hit me quite as hard now. Neither age-mismatched nor sweet and innocent romances are as rare to find in high quality now as they were then.

85. The Lit Report - Sarah Harvey. 197 pg/2008. [12/10]
We all know this is Book Cover Twins with I Now Pronounce You Someone Else, but -- why did I not like this one, again? It bugs me that I can't remember why I can't trust its pretty cover!

86. Lost - Jacqueline Davies. 292 pg/2009. [12/10]
I own a copy of this and occasionally page through it, wondering if it would suck me into its historical world as effectively now as it did then. It has survived multiple ruthless book purges, though, so I must believe it will deep down.

87. Pretty Face - Mary Hogan. 213 pg/2009. [12/11]
Me in 2010, when I had just gotten my work-from-home job and was still dazzled by the fact that I had 24/7 access to my own computer that I got to use almost entirely for fun: "my primary feeling right now is how grateful I am not to be stuck in weirdo Italy for weeks without a computer."

Me now, when I have to be on it every single day to check on work stuff and rarely have hours when I officially Can't Be Working: "oh god I want to go to there." I don't want to reread this largely boring book, but I do have a new perspective on it.

88. Tell Me Where It Hurts [NF] - Dr. Nick Trout. 286 pg/2008. [12/11]
I bought this vet memoir, and then I purged it when I decided it was very nice, but not a book I was likely to reread or refer back to.

89. How to Say Goodbye in Robot - Natalie Standiford. 276 pg/2009. [12/12]
I will still talk this book up to anyone who asks, but I tried to reread it a few years ago and I was more frustrated by the weird relationship between the characters. Maybe I just picked a bad time/mood?

90. Living On Impulse - Cara Haycak. 292 pg/2009. [12/12]
Yep, that's another "real basic 3-star session."

91. On Autumn Trails - Emma-Lindsay Squier. 239 pg/1922. [12/13]
Still own this book, still extremely fond of it. Aw, look, it's nearing its centennial!

92. My Boyfriends' Dogs - Dandi Daley Mackall. 256 pg/2010. [12/16]
Great concept for a novel. Would recommend, esp. to younger teens, but I maintain it was probably more fun to write than to read.

93. Little Blog on the Prairie -- Cathleen Davitt Bell. 276 pg/2010. [12/17]
Still really glad I read this. A high quality middle grade read.

94. For Keeps - Natasha Friend. 267 pg/2010. [12/17]
I really pictured Sam from Glee in this. Not because I meant to, but because the out of focus cover model called him to mind so strongly. Less awesomely, I also pictured "Paul Tucci" as Stanley Tucci. And yet, I can't remember the plot a bit except that my review says there were stupid teen hookups, so that's bad.

95. L.A. Candy - Lauren Conrad. 326 pg/2009. [12/18]
I'm glad I tried it, but even though L.A. as a setting interests me more now, I still have no interest in reading its sequels.

96. Running For My Life - Ann Gonzalez. 235 pg/2009. [12/19]
What a waste of time this muddled 2-star was.

97. Aunt Jane McPhipps And Her Baby Blue Chips - Frances V. Rummell. 210 pg/1960. [12/20]
I feel like this could get to 5 stars. I have yearned to reread it for years. Just seeing the cover or reading the title makes me smile; I'm SO glad I took a chance on buying it when I did.

98. Amy & Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson. 343 pg/2010. [12/21]
I badly want to reread this one too. It's ended up being one of the books that stuck with me most over time. I'm still not sure I can excuse the hookup/upgrade it to 5 stars, but when I first read this book, I had neither a car nor a person with which to take a road trip, and now I have both. I want to let it inspire me.

99. Distant Waves: A Novel of the Titanic - Suzanne Weyn. 330 pg/2009. [12/21]
Bold of you to claim what kind of novel it is in the title when it takes you half the book to get on the damn ship. (I have bitter feelings about being baited and switched)

100. A Dog Named Christmas - Greg Kincaid. 160 pg/2008. [12/22]
In retrospect, this is actually pretty cheesy...but at the time, it was another title that was extremely important for helping me transition out of YA. I still have my signed ARC.

101. Dogsled Danger - West Lathrop. 247 pg/1956. [12/24]
What a good read! I will never forget reading this in front of the fireplace while petting Kym.

102. Red Leaves - Thomas H. Cook. 289 pg/2005. [12/28]
It was a fun crime thriller, even though I remember none of it.

103. I Am Apache - Tanya Landman. 305 pg/2008. [12/29]
Was this the last time I read a really good historical Native American YA novel? I feel like they've been in short supply these days, with any new efforts going more toward modern-day #OwnVoices.

104. By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead - Julie Ann Peters. 200 pg/2010. [12/29]
Is this what the children call...nihilism? (I'm glad I read it, though, just so I can be in the know. I'm surprised its ratings are still as high as they are; I would have thought public sentiment would be calling out this irresponsible trigger book by now.)

105. This World We Live In - Susan Beth Pfeffer. 239 pg/2010. [12/30]
This sequel had so much potential, but Alex is just the absolute worst character. I am glad Pfeffer turned out to have one more standalone contemporary novel in her after these books were done. Three cheers for Blood Wounds.

106. Summers with the Bears: Six Seasons in the North Woods [NF] - Jack Decklund. 179 pg/1999. [12/30]
AMAZING TIMES. Am still grumpy that I have never found it for sale, because I WANT IT.

107. Scent of the Missing: Love & Partnership with a Search-and-Rescue Dog [NF] - Susannah Charleson.  288 pg/2010. [12/31]
Another one I gave 3 stars for doing the bare minimum, but personally, I can't believe I finished this boredom and have no plans to read anything else from her.
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