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Doctor Who & other David Tennant thoughts

(Backdating this post so I can get rid of an old Notepad doc on my computer)

I. A couple of weeks ago I listened to the commentary for The Doctor's Daughter that was linked somewhere online (of course I have lost that link), and they were talking about how Georgia had previously auditioned to play Rose. (which, jesus, let me play in that AU, even though it probably would not have resulted in the spectacular marriage we know and love today)

David (incredulous): She can only have been 14 years old then!
Me, chuckling like this is a joke until I count backwards: HECK.
(well, actually, she would have been a very authentic 19. BUT STILL)

II. Speaking of their spectacular marriage, I've been thinking a lot about the time I did a "ask me 5 random questions" game on my flist, and someone (fiery-twilight, I think?) asked "Would you marry David Tennant if you had to move to the UK for the rest of your life?" and I said no. This was partly because I thought I'd miss the U.S. and my parents too much, but also because I frankly did not think his commitment game was that strong. But I was bamboozled!

III. Related: I still can't believe that Georgia is just right there...being a mere 15 months older than me. Like, it's not that my age was the reason it would never have happened, obviously, but doesn't it kind of kill you to know that age alone is not a dealbreaker?

IV. I am a happily engaged lady of course so all of this is moot, I'm just saying.


V. In no particular order, a list of instrumentals off the Doctor Who soundtracks that make me, how do the children say, absolutely feral?

  • Rose's Theme (duh)

  • Doomsday (CLAWING AT THE WALLS IN TWO SECONDS. I love it so much)

  • The Source (honestly it's so pretty and distinctive that it was DISTRACTING in the episode)

  • Just Scarecrows to War (WHY IS IT NOT A SIX-MINUTE PRODUCTION)

  • Clockwork TARDIS (it's just so fun! trill, piccolo, trill!)

  • All the Strange, Strange Creatures

  • This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home

  • Martha's Theme

  • Martha Triumphant

  • The Dream of a Normal Death (ATTACKING THE WINDOW TREATMENTS)

  • Life Among the Distant Stars

  • Turn Left

  • A Dazzling End

  • The Rueful Fate of Donna Noble

P.S. This is of no interest to anyone but me, but I was thinking about the cast of actors I currently have in my mental library for when I feel like a book character needs a really good face, and I know I'm forgetting a ton, but off the top of my head, this is who I usually default to:

[roll call! or is it...ROLE call *sunglasses* YYYYEAH!]Rachelle LeFevre for redheads, always. David Tennant & Jamie Bamber for Brits (Bradley Walsh & Jon Pertwee if they need to be older Brits). Billy Burke for the surly middle-aged cusses. David Boreanaz and Mike Vogel for the all-American alpha male and/or military/cop types; the latter also tends to be who I choose for horse gentlers. Martin Henderson for the rugged outdoorsy/carpenter types (he also works well w/ horses). Having a lot of fun lately with Lee Pace for basically any quiet/beta male. Chord Overstreet for YA jocks. Melissa Benoist for shy high school girls. Blake Jenner for super-sweet high school boyfriends. Brit Robertson for basically any blonde from age 16 to 26 (she has the range!), but also Dianna Agron if I remember. Starting to feel like I could go all night, but...I think I need to cut myself off. (Darren Criss and Lea Michele should by rights be here, but for some reason I constantly and mysteriously forget their beautiful faces exist whenever I open a book???)
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