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TV Talk?? PSYCH, it's more books.

I am super behind on work because I made the stupid decision on Tuesday night to stay up until dawn adding most of my college freshman reading list from 2005 to Goodreads. In my defense, I was very excited because I only recently found it, after months of having somehow separated it from the rest of the group, and it's the only one I've never posted on this blog or added to Goodreads, outside a scattered few, and it was basically like rediscovering a lost chapter of my bookish life.

My previous rule about adding older books to Goodreads was that I was only going to add books I could remember enough to review, but, well...I started realizing how much fun I was having playing with stats, and how much more convenient it is to just be able to sort them by year. Eventually I'm going to add shelves to organize them the way the original lists are put together (high school freshman, etc), but for now, it's fun to see the lists populate differently when arranged by calendar year.

More to the point, even though I truly don't remember most of these titles -- like, legit do not remember reading them, look at the covers like "wow that's neat/terrible," am suspicious of half my original ratings because X doesn't seem, from the description, like a book I would rate that high/low -- it's nice to have as much of my reading history as possible in one place, on the off chance one of my friends ever reads one of the older titles.

I did leave off a few well known titles that I am waiting to add until I reread them, like "Daughter of the Land" by Gene Stratton Porter, and Paul Monette's books, because they are strongly tied to my personal history and I have important things to include in my review, but it's almost complete.

There are a handful I've found I would like to reread, whether because I vaguely remember them being good but don't know why (Riding in Cars With Boys; A Horse To Love by Nancy Springer; Flight of the Albatross by Deborah Savage), or because I don't remember them in the slightest and think they look interesting (Ask Me Something Easy by Natalie Honeycutt; The Mystery Book Mystery by "Wylly Folk St. John"; The Uncertainty Principle by Beverly Sommers). It probably would be worth writing out th full list and annotating it on here, but I cannot have another all-nighter, so I'm going to leave it at a few stray observations for now:

  • 2005 is when I first started reading The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

  • I DID read that Sue Ellen Bridgers book Home Before Dark! I apparently didn't like it -- 1.5 stars

  • I also confirmed reading A Bone From A Dry Sea (3 stars) & Dovey Coe (2.5 stars)

  • Damn did I read a lot of Donna Jo Napoli's retold fairy tales. Guess I wasn't out of the magic/fantasy quite yet -- and I do recall, now, regularly swiping them off the shelves like book candy whenever I needed more titles to pad my checkout set at the hometown library. I don't remember a single one of them, not even how I felt about them.

  • I read Up A Road Slowly! Which I apparently gave 2.5 stars. ...I really was That Dumbass who didn't appreciate realistic stories enough as a teen, huh.

  • OTOH: Five stars to Define Normal?? FIVE STARS? At a time when less than 10% of my books were getting 5 stars, and I had the option to give 4.5, I gave it FIVE?? WHY?? I remember enough to recall the general plot from the title and remember it being good, but not blow-me-away good.

  • I read a Gerald Durrell book! Bevy of Beasts. Leaving that one off GR for now because I clearly never knew it was part of a series (also don't remember it, though I gave it 4 stars)

  • I don't remember Four Paws Into Adventure, but this project did allow me to combine some editions on Goodreads, fix some mechanical errors in the book's data, and add a cover and summary, so that was neat.

  • The only titles from among the 152+ books I read in 2005 that I also own (or still own) are Mel Ellis' The Wild Horse Killers (which I seem to have put away in storage for some reason; oh no!), and -- all bought later -- Kathryn Lasky's Blood Secret, Walt Morey's Runaway Stallion, Jean Slaughter Doty's Can I Get There By Candlelight?, and possibly David Taylor's Zoo Vet.

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