RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Thrift store shopping? In MY new penny-pinching life??

Well, I think that I have been lowering my spending in general, and I had to drop my dad off at work, which is right across from a Goodwill, and today is their 75%-off-a-certain-color sale day, so I thought now would be a decent time to browse. I didn't find anything in the color tag I wanted, because it was already 3pm and the place was packed, but I found even better deals!

I could have spent 5 hours in this store -- curse that I had to come back to deal w/ work! I didn't even let myself look at clothes and shoes. I was too busy being fascinated by all the possibly useful kitchen stuff (new-ish looking blenders! mini muffin loaf pans!), the storage containers (none quite the size I want for book-storing, though), furniture, stationary/pens, and media.

And by media, I mean I had to move away from the DVDs because in the juvenile part of the book section, I found an avalanche of retro middle grade/teen books. Exactly the kind of books I've been looking up in collections of reading lists. It was so much fun! I should have kept track of more of them, but I can only speak to the ones I ended up buying, at 50 cents apiece:

-Saddle Club # 39, Purebred (I HAD A HANKERING okay. I've been wanting to curl up and read one for a while, and I don't own any and neither do any nearby libraries).

-Thoroughbred # 36, WIthout Wonder (to PUNCH MYSELF IN THE GRIEF BONE)

-Blue Ribbon # 2, "A Horse of Her Own" (a glorious skinny 80s book from a series I've never heard of -- about "the world of Thoroughbred horse competition," apparently -- because retro horse book series!)

-...and the October 94 issue of Disney Adventures magazine, to go with my collection of other 94/95 magazines I scooped out of the library sale corner last year

Also I bought a very small but sturdy circular stand mirror, one that flips to 5x magnification for $3. 5x magnification is totally horrible, but I liked the solid weight of it so I chose it over a flimsy and cheap-looking larger mirror w/ 3x magnification at the same price. The mirror in my dresser is so old that it's barely usable even if I WEREN'T blocked from standing close to it due to an overabundance of Stuff in the way in front of it.
Tags: thrifty shopping

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