RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Currently seeking: books where I can cast Spencer Reid.

#my infatuation is back and better than ever! #thanks Entropy #I can't believe CM is the only show I'm still watching

[catch me on Tumblr for show updates because I cannot coherently talk about anything here due to being so behind on tv commentary]

I am pretty sure this is an impossible task, because I don't know to describe him to Google. I tentatively poked at Asperger's books, but I sense they're going to veer way too far into the different behavioral aspect/difficulty reading expressions/emotion side rather than the "prodigal genius with limited romantic experience" that I want. (On that note: there is an entire obnoxious subsection of Tumblr devoted to writing You/Reid ficlets, but that is very much not what I want).

The Rosie Project sounds tempting, but it also really sounds like it's going to have enough swearing from the unpleasant-sounding love interest to put me off. I suppose I could give "The Half Life of Planets" another try? My original review is not very illuminating (" 'Adam' in YA novel form, and similarly charming"), but it does indicate I'm on the right track.


Yeah. I'm gonna do that one. Interlibrary Loan is a go!

EDIT: Gonna add a few new options I've come across lately...
-Rubbernecker by Belinda Bauer [edit: nope. too weird.]
-The Mermaids Singing by Val Mcdermid [edit: despite explicit terms and notable handicap of being British...holy crap, why did that otherwise work so well??]
-Vaz by Laurence E. Dahners?
-The Universe Versus Alex Woods?
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