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Update on my life, Kelly Kapoor style

(that means I catch you up strictly on the pop culture biz. in a hyper and rambling way that probably makes no sense)

I have spent nearly a week straight giddily soaking my brain in Criminal Minds/Spencer Reid footage (there are 324 episodes y'all; you cannot properly appreciate how many episodes that is when your favorite character has been there in almost all of them until you start trying to remember every amazing/terrible thing that has happened to them and it's even harder than trying to remember all the Booth/Brennan shippy bits). It's been fantastic. I love this show. I regret nothing about my decision to forget about it for a year, because the brain bomb that is 10 episodes of new knowledge + 14 years of revisited stuff is so beautifully overwhelming.

But I hadn't even picked myself up off the floor from that before my brain -- COMPLETELY CASUALLY, I MIGHT ADD -- was like, "Hey, I haven't wandered by the ol' GublerGram in a while; wonder what that weirdo's up to?" and my casual picture-clicking revealed an extremely promising promo pic + summary of his role for an episode of Dollface, a show I was vaguely interested in when I first heard about it, but then forgot about, even after I signed up for Hulu and my theoretical interest was no longer barred by its inaccessibility making it a moot point.

And long story short, he plays a character on there who is A VETERINARIAN and...also basically just Spencer Reid + a love of animals and minus social awkwardness, which, jesus take the wheel that is the upgrade I did not know I needed. Even his hair is perfect.

Which means that after 20 minutes of trying to satiate myself on gifsets and being unable to find any, I did the exact same hack job on its 10 episodes that I just did to Criminal Minds, diving in headfirst in search of his scenes (hi I'm dead now; he's an even better character than it sounds like he is). And then gradually expanding outward from there, which means I've basically seen the trailer, a couple scenes from episode 5, and then from the middle of episode 7 through the end of the season. Whoops!

I have a lot of thoughts about it (snapshot version: it's not amazing but it'll do), but I can't think about any of them because my brain is full-on WES/JULES WES/JULES WES/JULES and, being given no canon kissing footage as of yet (BUT THERE IS GONNA BE A SEASON 2? AND GUBLER IS NO LONGER TIED DOWN TO A BROADCAST SERIES? A GIRL CAN DREAM), that means I am off in daydreams + dumping my already extremely extensive list of current books I'm dreaming about reading to go hunt down fluffy vet romances. Which I of course cannot find now that I want them, but I'm positive I've passed up more than a few of them in my previous romance-hunting expeditions and turned down because I didn't have a good enough candidate for the male lead.

Ugh, lemme see if I can exploit the library's dumb new "smarter searching!" catalog by throwing veterinarian + romance at it...OK what do we have so far? Eliminatin the 990 "love inspired" novels...

  • About a Dog by Jenn McKinlay (edit: I tried it, but oh god, the mass-market-romance cheesiness is too strong. i may try again later, but it's also got a dose of "we hooked up once in the past" backstory that I don't love)

  • For the Longest Time by Kenra Leigh Castle (not for this scenario. But I swear that within the past month I have wanted a 'boy who broke her heart in high school' second chance romance story, and this is one of those. So when I remember who that one was for...)

  • Love at First Bark by Debbie Burns (son of a bitch, this an AU Jeid setup and I still cant' say no)

  • Head Over Paws by Debbie Burns (don't like what the "former EMT/firefighter" part of the vet in this scenario suggests about his build, buuuut...)

All right, let's hit up that Goodreads friend with the nicely organized dog-book shelves...

  • The Problem with Pugs by A.J. Henley (most promising one so far, so of course local libraries don't have it)

  • Sit. Stay. Love. by Karis Walsh (OK, this is not for this scenario either -- this vet is "gorgeous, sexy outdoorsy vet." But we will keep this one for when I get back on the Alpha Male train

  • Wish Me Home by Kay Bratt (technically there's no vet or possibly any love interest in this one. but it looks like a decent standalone woman-and-her-dog book)

Tags: books, dollface

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