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Spring TBR (and maybe more!)

(Warning: this got really long and rambly. I don't want to read anymore, apparently, but I guess I really want to make YOU read?)

I haven't been reading as much this year as usual. Originally it was a conscious choice so I could focus on wedding-planning, but that's proven hard (and shortly thereafter, kind of moot with the "hey don't go places or congegrate in groups maybe"), and it seems I've chosen to go for more of a "procrastinate until I have no choice but to go with whatever I can slap together at the last minute" approach to that. People on TV do it all the time; it'll be fine. It'll probably be even easier while competing with however many weeks/months' worth of people who had to postpone their planned weddings and will want to have them asap. (ha. ha ha ha. ha.)

Anyway, not sure what all I've been doing instead -- that's a lie, I've been marinating my brain in Criminal Minds for a month straight like I haven't done since my first arrival into fandom 7 years ago -- but the "don't worry about meeting a goal" idea stuck, so I've had a real lackadaisacal approach to books and I'm frankly not sure things will change even now, as we all try to hunker down. From the winter TBR, I only finished the nonfiction and the first and third thrillers; the rest have all gone back to the library/general TBR list for when I am inspired to get to their plots again. But I'm participating in this week's Top Ten Tuesday with a few possibilities anyway.

Other TBRs can be found at the linkup for this week here; otherwise, you may proceed with mine.

(the blue-green theme was not on purpose, but man, did it accidentally look neat until the last one got on there)

1. A Sparkle of Silver - Liz Johnson
I've been trying to finish this since January...and I'm currently on page 23. I'm enjoying it, yet can't seem to read more than 5 pages before my attention drifts elsewhere. It's basically a remix of A Glitter of Gold -- though technically, that book came second -- and I KNOW that my brain wants the ingredient combo of "young woman with low paying job + kind man in a position to help her out = slow burn PG-rated romance centered around solving a mystery with the aid of an old family diary," but the reading-hoarding part of my brain is tripping me up and going, "OK, but since you know you'll enjoy it, what if we saved it as a Guaranteed Good Read for when you SUPER want this exact style."

(edit: guess Coronavirus temporarily made that decision for me -- I had to give it back to the library at the end of my final renewal, and 2 days later they closed down. Sure, NOW I wanna read it.)

2. 100 Best Books for Children - Anita Silvey
Another one I've been trying to finish for over a month. Broken into target age ranges from birth to age 12, it's like I love the idea of the content so much that after every selection -- a brief plot summary and 1-2 page essay featuring background on its author or publication history -- my brain short-circuits with pleasure and I have to take a break.

3. The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett
As inspired by the above book, I read A Little Princess for the first time last month, and now I want its sibling that I also missed in childhood, so that I can compare them and watch the 90s movie* without being spoiled + be prepared for the upcoming one.

*On the DVD for the 90s A Little Princess, there was also a trailer for the 1949 version of TSG and HOLY CROW, I never like black and white films but it actually looked really good. Mom & I are trying to track down a free way to watch it now. She's read the book and loves old black and white films but didn't know this one existed.

4. The Mother-Daughter Book Club series - Heather Vogel Fredericks
I just finished the original novel, and I'm excited there are half a dozen more of these cuties waiting for me. Whenever the libraries reopen, anyway. I only have the second one in my possession right now.

5. Jo's Boys - Louisa May Alcott
I finished Little Men a few days ago, and am debating whether I should move straight on to this one (which I've never read) while the characters are still fresh in mind, or if I should hold off and wait to break into the last-ever new ~canon~ about Jo, Daisy, Demi and the rest until some vague day in the future when I really want it, the way I was finally/suddenly desperate for more Jo/Bhaer & Laurie 25 years after first being introduced to them.

6. Horse - Talley English
Picked out at absolute random at the library because of the title. I think its pretentious literary writing style will annoy me, but I really like the genuine country-living imagery it evokes every time I open to a random page and skim the vignette.

7. The Mermaids Singing - Val McDermid
This is absolutely not going to go the way I want it to, not least because it's British and 90s and apparently was already adapted on ITV, but the Criminal Minds finale sent me around the bend about Spencer Reid and I got desperate and started trying to cast him in a novel again. When I did that, The Internet spat out a dark-n-twisty crime novel featuring a criminal profiler with "idiosyncracies" and I was like "well yeah I guess that shoe does technically fit." I hope I will enjoy it on its own merit regardless.

[edit: I'll be damned. Aside from being British, this worked out...basically perfect. It also accidentally became a Jeid AU.]

8. Love At First Bark - Debbie Burns
Same story, opposite package: from gritty crime novel to mass-market romance for a Jeid AU. This one is also not going to work the way I want it to (the ex is a cheating loser and the H is of course he's casually rock climbing because mass market romance novelists really refuse to write men who aren't super muscled, masculine and sexy, huh), but there are lots of dogs so I want to try.

This search result is actually from me hoping to replicate Wes/Jules on Dollface, a pairing that really lends itself to the fluffy contemporary romance genre...but then the "woman I've secretly loved for ages even though she was married and I'm her son's godfather" aspect was RIGHT THERE, so despite my general policy of not shipping them, over to Reid it goes for whatever mental images I can extrapolate from it (or I throw him out entirely because "Ben" makes me think of Ben McKenzie and now my head is full of "time for that longstanding dream of a Ryan/Summer AU" possibility).
At my current pace, that's all I dare to list. However, I just picked up the annotated edition of Little Women that I've been waiting for all year at the library last week, and because of Coronavirus all due dates were extended until May 1st (!!!), so I've got some time to tackle it. I say tackle because this tome is the size of a damn dictionary, I'm not even kidding. It might be bigger than some dictionaries.

P.S. Other treasure in my current library horde includes the Good Omens DVD, Criminal Minds seasons 7 + 10-14 (the last 2 aren't on Netflix and are hotly requested so I'm extra happy I got them when I did), 4 movies, T-Swift's "Lover," and a massive illustrated edition of The Secret Garden. I am sitting pretty! Sorry fellow citizens, it's my turn to hoard the goodies for an unreasonably long time.

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