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Trying to watch a random episode of season 7 I've never seen...Absolutely Wild trying to remember how I watched this show for plot as much as character development/interaction. Which I successfully did through season 14! Yet now, I'm 10 minutes in and I'm still like, "Eh." Is 7x03 not a good one? But it's got Max Martini! And started with a workplace shooting, which is usually good for upping the fear stakes.

(edit: I got sucked in. And it was a terrible, horrible, feel-bad episode. Thanks!)

In other news, with all my new free stay-at-home-time, I'm putting serious thought into catching up on my CM reviews, by which I mean writing them fresh from my current perspective of having finished the series.

(I am still mad that I never made my "Criminal Minds, Starring Spencer Reid" post covering 12x11-12x13 to match Morgan's trilogy -- though since obviously Reid's continues, I had a second header planned around a prison pun, until I realized it was going to take the entire back half of the season and maybe need multiple posts).

My old ones are sometimes woefully inadequate, but still quite fun to read through, and I'm mad every time I get to the end and my favorite episodes have nothing -- yet I can also kind of remember what I thought about the episodes at the time, and I'd better write those thoughts down before they vanish. I'm not sure if I properly watched the prison arc the first time it aired, as opposed to ripping it open for the choicest Reid scenes when I got back from work every week, because when I watched it this time I saw a lot of things coming together that I'd always been lost on/unclear about before (like how the bitchy prison guard factored in, why he had it out for Reid from the start, what exactly Reid did in prison and even how he suspected Shaw was pulling the strings). I have A LOT OF THINGS 2 SAY about it.
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