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Boo...also, a word on season 4 DVDs

Am in an unhappy mood since my TV decided it would set about KILLING EVERY TAPE I PUT IN IT, ripping out the film and snarling it all to pieces.  I hate my TV.  So I not only lost a bunch of tapes with this show's dances on it, I lost a couple of Miami episodes and a tape with some random airings of Lost and CSI: NY that I was saving, including two eps of NY - the one with Aiden's death + the season finale - that I hadn't even watched yet.  Literally - I put the tape in to watch it, and it got eaten.  *cries*

SYTYCD in a nutshell: They danced a similar version of the Rama Lama dance.  I was happy.  They ticked down the results with LESS SUSPENSE THAN ANY RESULTS SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.  I was unhappy with that handling.  But then, Benji won.  Benji cried.  So I was, ultimately, quite happy.  Except for the part where tickets to the dance tour were sold out when I went to buy one, and I was super pissed.  Now!  On to bigger and better things!

Like, CSI Miami for which I am SUPER DUPER EXCITED.

All righty.  Disc art for the season 4 DVDs just came out, so let's squint at the titles and see how many prizes we won, betting which episodes would get commentary.

1. From the Grave
Yeah, that one was pretty much a given.  Season premiere and all. 

2. Prey
Why do they always pick a stupid and worthless episode to commentate?  I ranked this one, like, 18th out of 25.  I supposed they wanted to explain the parallels to the Natalee Holloway case.

3. Felony Flight
Pegged this one too.  They love their crossover episodes.

4. Urban Hellraisers're not going to discuss "Nailed"?  Dang, I thought for sure! 

5. Shattered
One of the Mari [sol and juana] episodes in the trilogy was bound to get picked up; I guess this one makes the most sense.   Love the Delko drama, even if Marisol's only in this one for a couple of minutes.

6. Payback
Three in a row?  Since when do you discuss three episodes in a row??  I mean, I picked this one out as a second-string potential, but I actually don't want to hear about Natalia Boa Vista.

And...that's the last one.  What?  You're not going to tell me ANYTHING about Marisol?  You're not going to mention the season finale?!  You're not going to mention anything from any of the last THIRTEEN EPISODES?  With the mole and the marriage and the deaths and the spoilers that drove me stark raving mad for the last month of school??  You get tired after watching the first half of the season, or what?

Maybe they hid that stuff in the other bonus features.  I think I'll wait for consumer reviews before I lay any money on it.
Tags: csi: miami, dvds, sytycd, tape disasters

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