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Top Ten Signs You're A Book Lover

This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic is fun but also going to be much less rambly than usual. Enjoy the change of pace! [edit: WHOOPS I queued it a day early. *scrubs out a quick date change* I mean what?]

1. You can't remember the last time your library account was empty.

2. You sometimes plan vacations around visiting specific bookstores/book sales/libraries. (I went to Pine River with my now-fiance to meet a library cat and it was the best. There are also enormous book sales at the fairgrounds in Iowa and Wisconsin that I would like us to one day plan on visiting which may double as road trips.)

3. You spend more on books than clothes each year

4. There are books on most/all available surfaces in your home (also possibly a sign you're a book hoarder. depends on the height of the stacks and/or if the floor is one of the surfaces)

5. You panic any time someone asks your favorite book in a genre/of the year/ever because HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY CHOOSE

6. You have dressed up like a book character for Halloween or other reasons at least twice in your life.

7. Your job (or dream job) involves working with books in some capacity. (Library Page remains my dream career aspiration. Not librarian -- that's too much school and responsibility -- I just wanna put the books away and pull out the requests.)

8. Your library is the crown jewel of your home (alternatively: you dream of having a home large enough for a dedicated library).

9. Reading is the activity of choice for most moods. (Bored? Sad? Sick? Happy? Let's read!)

10. You would no more dream of leaving the house without a book in tow than your wallet.

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