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Top Ten Books I Bought at the Dollar Store

This week's topic at That Artsy Reader Girl is "books I bought because [insert reason]," and mine is "because they were shiny and pretty and new AND only a dollar!" I have been singing the praises of Dollar Tree's book selection for some years now, and while my book-buying has slowed down in general for lack of space, I have made several scores over the years.

This list is a combination of books I'd previously read/put on my wishlist and was delighted to find for sale here, as well as books I took a chance on largely because of the price point. I haven't read all of the latter and may not end up keeping them, but I don't regret taking that chance. It's just fun to feel like a rich person who can buy whatever books they want at the bookstore regardless of cost.


1. Voracious: A Hungry Reader Cooks Her Way Through Great Books - Cara Nicoletti
I have not read this combination memoir and cookbook yet, but I really love the concept: the author chooses a recipe from a beloved book in her life, starting in childhood, and also relates anecdotes related to her reading experience.

2. Anywhere But Here - Tanya Lloyd Kyi
No, not what that Natalie Portman/Susan Sarandon movie was based on. The one in which, per my review, "a boy makes terrible choices re: girls and alcohol and has such a depressing home life even I actually want him to quit his lovely small hometown and never look back, but somehow I sort of enjoy the story anyway. I fully agree with Lex's choice to hate him in the now, but I also feel like he's good stock at the core and could grow into a respectable young man in a few years, informed by the wreckage of his high school experiences." It's not an outstanding story, but somehow, it stuck with me enough that I could never quite put it in the donation bag.

Nantucket Blue - Leila Howland
I have not gotten around to reading this yet. It just looks like such a pleasant summer novel, even though reviews also say it is darker and more serious than it looks.

4. The Museum of Heartbreak - Meg Leder
This one was (and still is) on my TBR and I bought it in part because it wasn't in local libraries, but the $1 price point was the main impetus for doing so. I am just super intrigued by the original cover and what mementos might be in this personal "museum."

5. X-Files: I Want to Believe (2nd movie novelization) - Max Allan Collins
I am just fond of this because I like having movies repackaged in handheld versions that don't require electricity to experience. By which I mean I really enjoy reading Mulder/Scully scenes in text form, since the actual plot of this movie was atrocious.

6. Young Widows Club - Alexandra Coutts
I had read this one before I bought it, but every time I see it on the shelf I get happy all over again. I love this unconventional novel so much -- I love that we get invested in a teen who got married before finishing high school and their relationship is not invalidated in hindsight, and I love that she's allowed to keep her life experience after his death and be just Totally Over high school even when ordered back to it by a judge. So many people are mad at this book for not sending the appropriate message to teens that rushing into marriage is Bad, but that's exactly why I love it. Because once in a while, what if it isn't.

7. Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here - Anna Breslaw
I haven't read this one but it looks cute, despite mixed reviews. I like to take a chance on books about fandom-entrenched girls, and let's face it: I was also that girl who wrote fanfiction about her classmates characters based on her classmates. I just wisely didn't post them anywhere.

8. Lady Macbeth's Daughter - Lisa Klein
I like this author, I think this is really great historical fiction/interpretation of another side of Shakespeare, and it took all of my willpower to let this deckled-edge beauty go in the last book purge -- and then only because I know how rarely I reread historical fiction and could not remember specific plot details enough to be attached to it, compared to other books dying for a shelf home.

9. The Unexpected Everything - Morgan Matson
I don't have much more to say about this one, except that I really like this book and was ecstatic to find a fresh new paperback copy for a buck.

10. Even When You Lie to Me - Jessica Alcott
Another one I read before buying, and am glad to have. Quoting the short version of my review: Aside from the fact that the MC is waaaay overly concerned with crotches and activities that involve them, this book is darn near perfect as far as student/teacher novels go. Their flirtation/general bonding goes on nearly the whole year before anything untoward happens, and even though it ultimately goes down in flames the way these books always do (on account of NO ONE EVER being able to keep their pants on for an appropriate amount of time; this is the book equivalent of running upstairs to escape the killer in slasher flicks), it is like one neat sidestep away from being a perfectly respectable, bittersweet refusal of a love story.

Your Turn: Read any of these? Are the books I haven't read yet worth it? Have you ever found a pleasant surprise at the dollar store? I'm especially curious about answers to this last one.

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