RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Pretty successful day.

Almost went a whole day without checking the coronavirus news/case & death stats updates! I mean, partly because I went to bed at 6 AM and I checked before I fell asleep, but I didn't check when I woke up -- I got up, got dressed, went on a walk and found horses (!) by veering into the tiny neighboring town with a population of 1000, talked to Mom, read a book, went grocery shopping for parents, and kept reading  until just now, when I remembered I had Neopets dailies to do so I couldn't quite stay off the computer, and even then I did it more out of force of habit than anything.

Also I was finally able to access my account and apply for unemployment last night, so, to quote Casino Night Pam Beesly, feelin' kinda good tonight.
Tags: life

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