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This song's for Pierce, 'cause he's so old!

In honor of Community being released on Netflix, I started randomly and mostly-accidentally rewatching it after a solid 4 year absence. I didn't realize how much history I was missing by not really having a working grasp of season 1 -- I had mostly skipped it in reruns, and there were still a lot of episodes in the first half I hadn't seen, and others I had only seen once -- and I'm REALLY enjoying it!

I watched 13 episodes before I skipped one, and then only because I got impatient and wanted to see the rest of Vaughn's appearances. FYI, that guy has NOT gotten any less delightful now that I am all about being an Eric Christian Olsen fan.

(speaking of whom, his Social Distance Storytime videos on Instagram with his kids are hands-down the absolute best thing any celebrity on social media is doing, and he had stiff competition from Kirsten Vangsness, whose sweet impromptu Pie Chart videos legitimately kept me from full despair in mid-March)

Anyway, after that I quite arbitrarily decided to skip to season 6. My thought process may have been "let's skip to the one with an actress from one of my other favorite CBS shows right now!" You might think it would be a terrible idea in a culture-shock way to switch from such high to low overall quality like that, but I think it actually worked in season 6's favor?

I skipped over 6x01 because I wasn't sure how much Frankie was in it, so I need to circle back, but otherwise, I've watched the first 8 episodes of it. I was expecting the show to feel consistently and uniformly great as I continued, and subconsciously I think it made me see it that way. I mean I could definitely still tell it was not as funny, and the episodes still felt like they needed some editing down, but I genuinely enjoyed myself instead of feeling like each episode was a slog of a chore, and I think the biggest reason is down to how I view Frankie.

Whereas in 2015, Paget Brewster was just a person who had left Criminal Minds before I joined it and whose character there meant little to me as a result beyond respecting that other people liked, now Prentiss is one of Charlie's Reid's Angels and therefore extremely dear to me both on that show and as a person, and it turns out I LOVE FRANKIE. I hated that the show had introduced such a boring no-fun straight character back then, and now that is extacty why I love her. She is an angel sent from heaven to bring delight unto us all. (remember when she played steel drums??)

Anyway, 8 episodes in I looked under my tag on the blog for reviews and THEY ONLY GO UP TO 6X05?? Nothing else except a few scattered references after that. I now remember having a working draft on my computer for a few more, but that draft is on the main computer, which is powered down for the night. So...guess what you can look forward to tomorrow maybe?
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