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As previously mentioned, I found a draft on my computer of 3 midseason Community S6 episodes, so I have reproduced it below. I have added a few "editor's notes" from the modern day but it is otherwise unchanged. Side note, I can't believe this show ended so (relatively) long ago. Almost half a decade ago!!

June 27, 2015
A couple of months back, Chris and I were having a typical "let's watch an episode of Community and pretend it's enjoyable" date, when all of a sudden the show got amazing 2 weeks in a row. (And then it slumped back down again, but hey, that's two more amazing episodes than I figured I would get this year.)

6x06, Basic Email Security
This one was not great, but I did love the hell out of the 6-way accusatory screamfest in the gym, with too many great lines to quote, as well as the the rest of the school melting down when their emails are hacked. Also this quote from earlier:

Britta: We're talking about freedom of speech. It's the amendment so important it's LITERALLY the first one they remembered to add.
Elroy: For white people.
Frankie: And men.
Jeff: We prefer to be called "people without color or vaginas."

P.S. Jeff hurling a folding chair halfway across the gym was kinda hot. [editor's note: this will be a recurring theme.]

6x07, Advanced Safety Features
a.k.a. Season Highlight

BRITTA'S BEST BOYFRIEND IS BACK AND HIS NAME IS NO LONGER SUBWAY (I'll let you decide if I've been compensated for typing that). That right there was the moment the entirety of season 6 turned around. His face might be some type of guerilla marketing to brainwash me into assuming the show got good, but it worked.  I loved this episode so much I watched it twice and it is still my favorite of the season to date, due to the following and more:

  • Dean the Level 7 Susceptible (and his desperate need for approval)

  • Frankie's unintentional explosion about the Dean being a dumb little man who tries to destroy the school every minute, ending with her holding him while he cries and soothing, "so stupid...such a dummy." I fear that is how I would talk to my hypothetical baby if I ever had one. [editor's note: in the years since I have come to quote various parts of this scene, but especially that last bit, A LOT. Particularly about work-related things.]

  • The glorious, glorious beyond-product-placement for Honda.

  • "They can advertise things without you knowing? Is that legal? It sounds like brain Windexing!"

  • Billy Zane as the Mysterious Honda Boss

  • Britta's secret skill for guerilla marketing, and the joint brain Windexing of poor Todd

  • Chang's epic PowerPoint presentation about whether or not he knows how to use PowerPoint

  • And him continually attempting to smash open an egg to reveal a dollar, unaware that you have to drain the egg and put a dollar in it first for that to work

  • Ears: the classic 90s game of whose ears you have, which ears have it, and if you have those ears!

  • Especially Britta's failed attempt to play with her parents ("OK, what am I?" / "OBVIOUSLY YOU CAN'T ASK THAT")

  • Fake band Natalie is Freezing* and their hit single, "Pillar of Garbage," a super pretty single that sounds a Natalie Imbruglia ballad if you don't listen to the lyrics.

  • "That won't pay off immediately, but it will pay off" resulting in the spectacular payoff of Frankie playing backup steel drums on the above.

Edit: Y'ALL!


6x08, Intro to Recycled Cinema
Yooba dooba dooba!

From the episode title alone, I thought this might be something special...and oh, that cobbled-together film was just MAGNIFICENT. I watched the whole thing with giant stars in my eyes as the show finally embraced its Level 7 AU Surreality roots, at least as much as is possible this season. Not least because I did not know I could love Garrett, Voice of Glip-Glop, so much. Also, Chang's commercial was superb, as was the media blitz surroudning it, so I'm pretty sure I'll be quoting "haaaam, gurl!" for the foreseeable future. Also loved Abed's very proud "bazinga!" moment, in true homage to the original.

Best of all, there was that extra hot moment where Jeff tried to strangle Abed among the frisbees ("I'm! Going! To! Kill! You!" / "You're killing me!" / "I TOLD YOU --"). At this point I don't know if I just think fighting is sexy or I'm turned on by a subconscious desire to actually have Abed killed, which is a feeling I thought I had moved on from by the end of season 2, but now I'm just not sure. [editor's note: desire to wipe out Abed has since disappeared, but she is now fond of Jeff's mild panic and jumping back upon realizing he is, in fact, killing his friend]

I did really appreciate Jeff's super-sad existential crisis period of realizing every single one of them is going to leave and he's going to be the last one standing at Greendale, though (even Pierce got to die!). And Abed of all people talking him through it. And Jeff and his super sweet spontaneous thank-you hug!

P.S. God I love Super Enthusiastic Movie Marketing Guy. Can he be a recurring character? Can he be enthusiastic about all kinds of other business ventures as needed?
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