RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I'm really sittin' here trying to finish 68 Kill when I know everything after that first minute of heart-eyed sweetness is going to be pure garbage, huh.

#I'm 23 minutes in and I swear not even David Tennant has ever tried this hard to make me pour bleach in my eyes #and yet while I can skip ahead I can't entirely look away because this is a real Cat Adams vibe this hot/crazy chick has going for her #I mean dumber but same level sociopath #and the part of my brain that won't stop thinking about the implications of Date Night demands to explore it

edit: All right, now I'm halfway through and there is definitely at least one more scene worth seeing (the motel room!!!), so thanks for compensating me a little bit at least. Least you could do considering how much worse you proceeded to make it.

edit 2: "I'd rather have you" ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THAT SOUND BITE. Shove that into every damn Reid/Maeve fanvid you can think of. (thank you for this new gift. also I guess I can't argue with Chip having a worse day than Reid ever did right now.)

edit 3: aaaand then it went back to being violent in a less useful way, but at least it's over now.
Tags: #and, #i, movie reviews

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