RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Things I don't have the brain capacity to process right now:

-Whatever this "Farewell, Sarah Jane" adventure currently available on YouTube is. I'm SUSPICIOUS and all but certain I don't want it. Nobody needs closure in a canonical way! THE STORY GOES ON FOREVER. *sob* It's tempting as can be to access new canon and concepts, a little peek into a crystal ball about what the future after the end of show gave us, but I think it would be an unnecessary hurt. I already glanced over someone's reaction post with reaction bullet points and was like, "pass."

-The fact that a whole bunch of swell people, including Russell T. Davies, David Tennant (with assists from Georgia) and Catherine Tate live-tweeted a rewatch of The Stolen Earth/Journey's End earlier today, which means I have a whole swell batch of tweets to read through later. I knew there was a reason I was still checking for Georgia daily on social media. This picture is worth 1000 tweets, btw:
[spoiler cut for space]-
lookhowhappy (x)


Things I spent my afternoon doing instead: drawing up a handwritten chart of the last 60 or so books added to my TBR (don't even ask, I have stopped all semblance of keeping it a reasonable list of near-future reading targets and become a person who just adds every title that catches her eye online before she forgets it, to be evaluated more carefully later) and noting whether I can find them at local library system A, local library system B, Open Library, Interlibrary Loan (when it reopens), or not for free at all.

Turns out 37 are available through ILL (e.g. out of reach right now), 5 of those are also available on OL (+1 ONLY on OL), and only a dozen are owned by my local library, assuming no one else has checked them out. Which honestly, the way this list started at first, is almost more than I dared to hope for. Happily for me, only 9 are not available for free at all, mostly when I had the fool misfortune to get interested in books that turned out to be e-books only, and a couple are recent print releases so that could change.

See, I squandered a whole day yesterday trying to figure out what I could read outside to give myself a brain a break between McDermid books, and got kind of panicked upon realizing that since I have no other unread library books checked out, I honestly have no idea what my plans are to read after this series. Going down the list helped. I probably still need to talk it out more, though. For all the zillion unread books I have, turns out that when I'm not in a mood to read YA or about animals, my selection from those options is Extremely Limited.
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