RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Silliest Pet Peeves

I don't normally do this kind of challenge -- have, in fact, never done one from this site before -- but I have 5 weeks' worth of future Top Ten Tuesday posts already locked and loaded at this point and I'm boooored, and definitely could not expend this energy writing about cool TV shows or anything, so here we go. There is a whole year's worth of prompts posted here, on a variety of subjects, and the main roundup post for this week is here.

Please note I had to work so, so hard to restrict this to only "silly" pet peeves. I kept getting myself Way 2 Worked Up on real annoyances.

  • The fact that everyone started playing Animal Crossing instead of flooding back to Neopets, the obviously superior choice

  • Using an asterisk in a non-offensive word to keep it out of search results/limit the post's visibility (extra silly given how much I love the use of asterisks in offensive words)

  • The collectible/resale value of my favorite childhood toys (it's too high. this is the only instance in which I DON'T want you to like the things I like; do me a solid so I can scoop them up)

  • Books I disliked having an average rating above 4.0 on Goodreads

  • The fact that windows on TV are always access points and never have screens. Where do people with otherwise-functional glass windows live where you just freely let insects in the house whenever you want a cross breeze.

  • Loyalty programs that send emails promising "EXCITING CHANGES!" to my membership, when they clearly mean "effectively reducing your benefits to improve our profit margins, kthnxbai."

There, I think that's a good list. How did I do on nailing the "silly" part? Any you agree with? Honestly, the more people that do NOT share these views, the better I am doing, so this is a win/win situation for me.

Note: anonymous comments and/or those with URLs are screened and will be unscreened at my earliest opportunity.
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