RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Just some random thoughts about the last 48 hours

Criminal Minds:
* Threw myself down a quick Zugzwang hole earlier this week, made myself cry but it's all good; point is, this led to a tour through a few season 9 highlights, and DID I SERIOUSLY NEVER NOTICE THAT HE'S CARRYING THE BOOK IN HIS MESSENGER BAG IN THE SEASON 9 FINALE? More than one year later??

* I officially vote for Reid to name his hypothetical son Ethan (hopefully that wouldn't jinx him). I have only very recently given myself permission to play in Hypothetical Parenthood land again, and while my logical brain says there should be some sensible Gideon honoring in such a name, I just really like the way Ethan rolls off his tongue. Also I think we as a fandom do not give Blake enough credit for being such a stabilizing force in his life while she was there.

* Ooh, and a thing in Zugzwang I never saw because it's been so long since I watched it in full instead of just the best bits: when Reid's watching the interview with Maeve's parents, and her geneticist mother says she got out of the game when she heard there was a new Dr. Donovan in town -- there is the tiniest ghost of a blink-and-you'll-miss-it smile that comes to his face and now I hurt.

Other TV Things:
-Wednesday I watched S.W.A.T. for the first time since I wandered away in season 1 (I had to check -- this is season 3 now), and I did the hardest and most hilarious double take anyone has ever seen because doth my eyes deceive me or IS THAT MORGAN/SAVANNAH 2.0 IN FRONT OF MY EYEBALLS?!?!?! I wish like anything I had cared more about them as a couple on CM, but Jesus take the wheel, that is not a shipper treat anyone gets very often and I am so happy for anyone who is ecstatic about their faces kissing in a different (but not by that much) context. I was kinda sad when I heard Hondo's original love interest was leaving the show, but ayyyy, UPGRADE.

-Last night I watched my first episode of Mental Samurai, I show I did not previously know existed. That was...a trip, but I think I liked it? Mostly I wanna play, because what a fun carnival ride!, but I like the combination of cool visuals, fast-paced question-answering, pop-culture and simple logic/memorization questions, and general lack of time wasted on personal chatting or making a production of talking out your thought process.
* Walking: toured through a Noveau-Rich suburb with beautiful, expensive, modern homes, which connected at the end to the Old Suburb where the houses are small and nestled deep in big wooded lots; this curved onto a paved walking path and ended with me in a lovely nature preserve park with gravel-paved and dirt footpaths. In the middle I sat on a fun bench set super high, so that your feet dangle, and gazed out over a lake with a pine forest backdrop and felt peace.

* I picked up my library requests -- I now have 3 dozen items out, which may or may not be the most items I have ever checked out at once, but if they don't let us start returning things by mid-May then I will definitely hit a new record. Season 15 Criminal Minds DVD is still in cataloging, but you know what I DO have?? Little Women (2019), because I was on the ball and put myself on the request list back in March, landing me in the first round of checkouts. A.K.A. the only round of checkouts until at least June 1st. (update: and CM is officially on the move! it will be mine by the end of April)

And then I sat outside and read for almost 2 hours. It was 65 degrees and sunny and only occasionally a bit chilly when the sun went behind a cloud, and my HAIR and my LEGS got actual sun, omg.
Tags: criminal minds, game shows, life, s.w.a.t.

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