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Top 10 New-To-Me Authors of 2019

It's not quite Tuesday, but since I'm actually writing this from 2020 (WHAT IS TIME), it doesn't really matter, and I am going to tag it as one of those prompts anyway. I realized how fun my list from 2018 was to look back at, so I'm retroactively writing a list and sticking it in here. And also probably doing this from now until eternity as one of my end-of-year stats, the way I do. I actually had to work a bit to pick a top 10. I could have expanded it, but I prefer the challenge.

1. Aleksandra Drake (A Short Walk to the Bookshop)
I know we have been over this and over this, but this gal clearly knows how to write the perfect indulgent romance. *bangs fist on table* Another!

2. Tess Callahan (April & Oliver)
MAN is it a cruel twist that one of my top two new favorite authors only has this one novel, released a decade ago.

3. Amy Harmon (From Sand and Ash)
This feels like cheating because I've had my eye on her since 2013 and A Different Blue, but this is the first year I actually READ one of her novels, so it definitely counts. Now I know that she is a solid writer with even more solid romance underpinnings.

4. Jaime Jo Wright (The House on Foster Hill; The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond)
Somebody's got herself a new dual-timelines mystery/old house setting/spooky-fall-weather-set author to depend on!

5. Tudor Robins (Appaloosa Summer)
To quote myself, "Horsey YA!!" And some of the finest small-independent-press writing I have ever seen.

6. Kim Purcell (Trafficked)
Good contemporary YA writing is hard to find, at least in the kind of stories that appeal to me. This woman's clearly got the goods.

7. Ellen Airgood (Prairie Evers & sequel, The Education of Ivy Blake)
When your favorite thing about a book is how beautiful its actual writing is (while also loving its plot and characters), that's a good sign. She sadly doesn't have much else, but I look forward to trying her adult novel.

8. Lauren Spieller (Your Destination Is On The Left)
Another winner in YA. Her book wasn't quite 5 stars, but it had SO many good elements w/ nothing gross that I can't wait to try more from her.

9. Dervla McTiernan (The Ruin, The Scholar)
I don't actually know if I will follow her beyond this Cormac Reilly series, but I do know I'm going to find that one dependable for a bit to come!

10. Ingrid Palmer (All Out of Pretty)
The minimal buzz her debut generated, despite high marks from those who did rate it on Goodreads, has only made me more determined that I loved it and am quietly dying to know what she would do next.

P.S. I was going to include Kieran Scott (Pretty Fierce, What Waits in the Woods), but upon looking her up I found out that also goes by the pen name Kate Brian, and I read (and quite enjoyed) The Princess and the Pauper back in the day. So, not technically new to me. But I did learn something new! My whole comment was going to be about how impressively diverse her styles were anyway; did not know how right I was.
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