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Community: 6x09-12

Paused before the finale again because I'm not ready for this, but I found some more notes on the computer, so travel back once more with me to...

June 15, 2015
6x09, Grifting 101
After a short-lived string of glory we have fallen back to earth, but it was still oddly satisfying watching the briefcase-switching skills pay off and see Professor Grifterson finally get his comeuppance in the end. Also I liked the paintings for scene openers.

6x10, Basic RV Repair & Palmistry
My favorite part of this was Jeff grabbing Abed by the lapels and complaining, "You get him to do anything normal without abusing him!", which is pretty much my philosophy in life, when dealing with people for work, etc. Also because apparently Violent!Angry!Jeff is suddenly attractive to me.
[2020 edit: and as I mentioned in December of 2015, "I have yet to ~officially~ review this episode, but when I was rewatching it last night, I realized that he looks genuinely scared after Jeff gets all slap-happy in telling him to SNAP OUT OF IT. "I don't know how, I'm oversaturated with the gimmick, I don't know what's real." (bt-dubs LET ME LOVE YOU.gif; and remind me to talk about this in more detail when I do the review because holy cow do I want to unpack this moment." Gosh, if only I had actually followed through on this sooner, because I now have no idea what I wanted to go into more detail about.) My second favorite part was Space Elder Abed & Space Elder Frankie, from a race that has evolved beyond eyebrows, and my third favorite was the creepy/ridiculous ending tag about what sort of man would buy a giant hand in the first place.

Beyond that, my reaction can be summed up with the way I described it to Chris: "If this was the first-ever episode of this show someone watched, I'm pretty sure they would hate it almost as much as they'd hate the person who convinced them to watch Community."

You really shouldn't have more fun coming up with ways to mock an episode than you did watching it.

2020 back in: When I started rewatching this episode I'd completely forgotten, I was like, "Oh, this isn't so bad! It's actually kinda funny! Maybe this is like how the beginning of the season was good after I loved Frankie?" but no. This one is repetitive, annoying, and more interested in trying to make clever jokes about how bad it is than actually being clever or funny/good.

Anyway, that was the last thing I had previously-written thoughts about, so here is fresh new commentary for the remainder:

6x11, Modern Espionage
I had completely forgotten what this episode was about, or even that they did one last paintball episode, and it was GLORIOUS. So amazing from beginning to end that I am afraid to say a single thing about it, lest I corrupt its magic (although I did very much love the study group whipping out guns out of nowhere, to Jeff's fantastic WHAT THE HELL, followed by him accidentally taking out like 5 random shooters on instinct). 6x07 is still my favorite of the season, but this is a close second. Not least because this one includes a callback to the game of Ears.

6x12, Wedding Videography
I had also forgotten this one, but that was out of self preservation. Unpleasant and uncomfortable, and it didn't even need the incest for that. Although the writer-shaming tag was amusing.
And now...I know I have seen the Jeff/Annie bit of the finale, but I...suddenly can't remember if Chris & I ever finished watching it together?? Surely we did. I know we're slow but surely we didn't just...forget about it...? We literally started our relationship watching this show; it is to date the most and possibly only successful joint show-watching project we have ever embarked upon. But...maybe?

edit: a quick skim at the beginning of the wiki synopsis tells me that I DEFINITELY DID NOT. Holy carp. I really have a 90%-new episode for the taking in 2020, and it's not even a social-distancing one. ...though I should probably figure out this Netflix Party extension thing so I can "see" it w/ him.

Also, this means I never checked out the season 6 DVD, which means all manner of fun extras! Unfortunately, our system has only one copy and it is of course checked out, so there is no chance of me getting it before July.
In other news, I have been watching some random other installments of the show in between my march forward on the Yahoo years, and may I just say that the following episodes I haven't mentioned in a while hold up spectacularly: Digital Exploration of Interior Design, Pillows and Blankets, The First Chang Dynasty, Introduction to Finality, and Advanced Documentary Filmmaking; also, Repilot is not nearly as bad as I thought it was on first viewing.
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